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  1. digitalchain Post author

    Hello Kabsat Edwin!

    Thanks for visiting. We will be posting some photos soon. If you have some pictures please send them over and we will post them as well.

  2. Myralyn Lopez Garcia

    This site is very informative. Our Filipino members in Bramalea, Ontario, Canada will be presenting ‘Getting to know Philippines’ and we get information from this site for the presentation about the Churches of Christ in the Philippines.
    God Bless to all the Brethren in the Philippines.

    Myralyn Lopez Garcia
    Bramalea Church of Christ

  3. DouglasLeCroy

    I am sure that if he were asked, Brother Tanicala would supply the past dozen or so copies of Word Ministry. What better way to see thrilling things that are beginning to happen in all parts of the nation? But while you are there in Canada, arrange to support one of those graduates of one of the Bible Schools as they go further out into those areas where Christ’s pure gospel is not yet known.

  4. Myralyn

    Hello Brother Douglas,
    This is in response to your proposal to support one of the graduates of the Bible School to go further in preaching the Good News. Actually this was one of the objectives we discussed in the past with the Filipino brethren in Bramalea Church of Christ. It will be nice if you can give us an estimate of the financial support needed and the location in the Philippines where you are planning to send one of the graduates. I want to discuss this matter to the Filipino members here in Bramalea Church of Christ this Sunday.


  5. digitalchain Post author


    Bro. Eusebio Tanicala, president of the Philippine Bible College Alumni Association, will contact you and give what are the projects that need support. We also need to equip our new graduates with additional skills to be more effective in spreading the Good News. Please extend our warmest regards to the brethren in Bramalea.

    Alvin C. Tanicala
    Associate Editor

  6. DouglasLeCroy

    This comment is dedicated primarily to Sister Marilyn Lopez, but also to those like-minded members of the Bramalea church. And may there be a number of other of our Canadian churches who will join in the effort to evangelize all the Philippines. I just want to commend you for this demonstration of the love of Jesus Christ. Bro. Tanicala has recommended a couple of places to you, dark corners of this world of ours where you can have a part in sending the light. A number of Bible Schools are training earnest men to join in the work. Thje are saying to the m ny of us, “Here am I. Send me.” Any of the readers can write me at I would love to hear from you. But very special thanks to the Bramalea church.

  7. DouglasLeCroy

    In an e-mail I received today, Bro. Tanicala informed me that Bro. Dominador Belo, our brother who pioneered the work in the Tacloban, Leyte area, has suffered a second stroke. I think that his e-mail address is Why not send him a message that you are praying for him and his family and for all the churches and members down there? That will be my next e-mail. Like Timothy who learned well from his grandmother and mother, Jack (Domie) learned so well from his father Laureano, one of the greatest, and certainly the busiest of our Filipino preachers, now gone on to be with Jesus. So let’s all give a word of encouragement to Jack.

  8. DouglasLeCroy

    I recently learned by e-mail that Bob and Barbara Buchanan had gone back to the US for a short period to be with Bob’s brother, Jerry, in the state of Georgia. Jerry has been a real friend of the work of the Lord in the Philippines for many years. A faithful preacher of the Word, Jerry is now nearing death from cancer. Why not communicate with Bob at this stressful time? His e-mail address is

  9. Carol Price

    I am trying to get contact information for Alvin Luther. They can e-mail me at
    I am a friend from Boise Idaho and have a student who might be interested in helping in the school.
    Thank you
    Carol Price

  10. DouglasLeCroy

    This is May 4, 2008. I wil be away from my e-mail, etc. for about two weeks, or so I plan anyway. I would recommend to all that they take Bro. Tanicala’s advice about taking one element of the gospel as paramount and not all, as he advises on these pages. Be gospel preachers, whose message can save all mankind. Salvation is not found at the end of a Bible argument, but in believ\ing and obeying the full gospel.

  11. Bev Bontrager

    Dear Dr. Tanicala,
    I am in the process of reading your series on “Does the Holy Spirit Personally Help a Christian in the 21st Century? I am not able to find Series 3 and 4 in the Archives. Are they missing? Or were they just included in 5 and 6? Thank you for your study on this subject. I believe that His Spirit within me helps and guides me daily, but I am needing more scriptures to back this up and I am finding your series to be helpful with this. Thank you so very much. Because of Jesus,

    Bev Bontrager

  12. digitalchain Post author

    Dear Bev,

    Thank you for reading Word Ministry. The 3rd part of Dr. Tanicala’s series on “Does the Holy Spirit Personally Help in the 21st Century” will be posted later today. The rest will be posted on the 29th, 30th and Nov 1.

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