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Help little Hidenell

I am reprinting an e-mail I received from Bro. Moises Gonzalez whose son is suffering from Autism and is in need of help. Details on how to reach the family is also in the letter. Please contact them and offer them your help or at least prayers for little Hidenell.

Dear Brethren,

Greetings in the name of Jesus our Lord. I am writing in behalf of my youngest son, Hidenell Pete Gonzales. He was diagnosed to have Autism Spectrum Disorder, a condition that affects behavior, communication skills, learning capability and social interaction. He is now six years old, but acts like a three-year old kid. He is hyperactive most of the time and shows disruptive behavior such as banging his head on the wall, whenever his wants are not granted. We enrolled him in a public special education program and was assessed to be high functioning. This means he has a greater chance to be developed and be productive that may even lead to a normal life.This can only be made possible if he will be able to undergo series of therapies for about 3 months to a year. As of now we cannot afford the high cost of special therapy for my child. He needs three sessions a week, each costing PhP400. We need at least PhP 4800 a month and about PhP 57, 600 a year.

I am appealing to you brethren; a little help for Hidenell will determine his future. Whatever help you can provide for us will be very much appreciated and remembered. Thank you very much.

In Christ,

Bro. Moises A. Gonzales
Evangelist, Batangas area

S/A No. 3145025126
Moises A. Gonzales
Metrobank, Lipa Branch
Contact number: +639205130485