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We started this publication in 1986. Our main aim in coming out again is to help the great majority of our Kapatirang Pilipino (Filipino brethren) answer oft asked questions. It was my experience in my many travels around the archipelago that many in our brotherhood are unable to sufficiently answer some questions.

Many questions and answers will sound repetitious to preachers and serious Bible teachers, but to many common folks these will be helpful.

We shall also tell you about the works done by evangelists and congregational leaders. Some reminders on church work will occasionally be included.

If you have questions you would like to be discussed, please feel free to write us. Also send us articles (news,features,essays and photos) about your activities in your congregation. Other churches are inspired to do additional things when they feel your programs are applicable in their respective localities.

-Eusebio A. Tanicala, Editor


11 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Junas T. Sagurit

    Dear Editor,
    I am so glad that wordministry is now online. This way a lot of brethren will be able to read it, and what is so great about it is, we can easily share the news in our respective congregations, submit our comments to any article, and share some ideas.
    I just want to suggest, if it could be possible, that a regular column should be added where “churches that work” should be regularly featured. I know this idea is borrowed, but if you could feature some of our churches that work, what are they doing right? and share these to all of your subscribers/readers, then it would be a tremendous encouragement for the brotherhood.
    Thank you and may God bless your great work.

    Yours in Him,

    Bro. Junas
    Mangaldan, Pangasinan

  2. digitalchain Post author

    Dear Brother Junas,

    Thanks for the suggestion. We are actually encouraging the brethren to submit articles and photos of churches that are working. You are right to say that many will be encouraged by it.

    Thank you for your support.

    Alvin C. Tanicala
    On-Line Editor

  3. DouglasLeCroy

    Over the years, we have observed that churches that work are the result of members and preachers that work. For instance, it would be hard to explain that the churches around the homeplace of, for instance, Daton Palitayan, were growing but he was staying home all the time. No, those churches grow because Daton is out there sowing the seed of the Kingdom. Much seed, many years, much harvest. That is always the way it works. We look around the Philippines (thru news only, of course; because we have no other way to learn of it) and where we learn of a good harvester (like a Domie Belo. or a Charlemagne Garces, or an Alvin Luther, or a Felipe Cariaga,) we see that they are telling people of a Savior who died to take away their sins. The only way.

  4. Raul

    I like reading the posts here. I’m a UCCP member but interested in doing research about the activities of other churches. By the way, is Cyrus Gesulga a member of your church?

  5. digitalchain Post author

    Hi, Raul:

    We’re happy for visiting us. Sana ituloy mo ang pagbibisita mo sa amin.

    Cyrus Gesulga? Yes, kilala ko siya. He was my student at the Bible College Unfortunately, he went into an insignificant issue and thought he had all the
    truth. This is called the “Pre-Millennial Theory” that is Christ in His physical-deity person will to earth, sit down on the literal throne of David in the literal palace of David, in physical Jerusalem and reign on a paradise earth literally for 1,000 years. But the mainstream Church of Christ disagrees with that theory. In the main, di namin “katoto” si Cyrus.

    The Church of Christ’s plea is to go back to the Bible and make the Bible the authority in religious matters. We understand that Yahweh’s dealing with
    mankind is divided into three eras: Age of the Patriarchs, Age of the Law of Moses, Age of Christians.

    Christ is the mediator of the New Covenant via his death at the Cross (Heb.9:15-18; Matt. 17:5; John 1:17; John 14:15; John 15:14; John 12:45-50).

    Warm kumusta.

    Eusebio Tanicala

  6. Raul


    By the way, do you believe in ecumenism? Does your church join the activities of some church associations, like, say, the NCCP in so far as liberating the people from the evils of society so they can praise and workship God at peace, with full stomach, with happy hearts?

    What is your stand about Liberation Theology? Sorry for asking, if you find such questions silly or asine…

  7. Nadeem Masih

    Dear Brothers and Sisters
    Greetings in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ!
    I have been going through the studies at your web site, and I am deeply inspired with all of the teachings and studies thereon. This is such a wonderful studies and sermons you have arranged for all the nations, in the long run of your service for the nations of the all the world.
    I am from Islamic Republic of Pakistan where it is difficult to have Radio and TV channel for preaching purposes. They would not allow us to do that here; the Satan has real strong hold over everything. I often say that we are living in the land of the enemy.

    Brother, we humbly request you to expand your outreach your program in Urdu and Punjabi language. Urdu is the language spoken and understood by more than one sixth of the total population of the world. Urdu is spoken in Pakistan, India, Nepal, Afghanistan and also in Indonesia, Malaysia, Iran and others.

    I would ask you to pray and share it among the brethrens at your ministry. I am a professional translator. I would offer my services for being translator, recorder and distribution/sales. I pray that your consideration will have His mark over your decision.

    May God bless you abundantly! May His perfect will be done!
    Grace and Peace be with you, all brethrens.
    Yours brother in Christ,
    Nadeem Masih
    Cell No: +92-301-6514281
    Email: nlrm84@yahoo.com

  8. Jonathan "JoJo" A. Ramos

    Beloved brethren,


    Peace and love from our Father and Lord Jesus Christ.

    I thank God for your wonderful ministry, informing and teaching many brethren about God’s kingdom here in the Philippines. Keep up the great work for the Lord.

    You all have been a source of encouragement and inspiration motivating brethren to continue with the Lord’s work here in the Philippines… Thank you so much.

    We at the Family Life Center, a Bible study center in the heart of the city, a ministry of Midtown church of Christ appreciate your work. Hope someday we could work together here in Benguet sharing the gospel to the lost here.

    Praying for you all…

    In Christ Love,
    Jonathan “JoJo” A. Ramos
    Family Life Center
    Mezz. Video One, Laperal Bldg.
    Session Road, Baguio City

  9. Miss Aliza

    Greetings in Jesus name,

    “Faith cometh by hearing and hearing from the Word of God”(Romans, 10:17)

    It is really privileged for me to write to your ministry and I pray may Lord bless you abundantly. I am Miss Aliza from Pakistan . Five years before I accepted Jesus Christ as my personal Savior and I trust in Him as my rock and try to walk in Him, as the Word of God says don’t be lazy in struggle.
    As I was visiting your site I found that you are doing the work of translation into native languages. I am able to translate the good stuff of you into my native language Punjabi and national language Urdu. There are two purposes to request you the first one are to know the Word of God more deeply and second one to be supportive my family and to run. our Ministry. We will also teach your stuff in our working areas with our people .
    My suggestion for you is to create your material in my language of Urdu and Punjabi also. It will bring lots of blessings of the Word of God for the Pakistani and Indian Urdu and Punjabi speaking people. For that purpose I as a translator will bring your material into Urdu languages and into Punjabi language as well. Although it will take your low expenses as well, as fund for the Word of God to reach out to the deserving people. As a translator I will take the expenses that will be spending just for the Word. I will be looking for your kind words on this my humble request as soon as possible.
    “There is nothing more precious than to read and listen the Word of God into your own language.”

    I hope you will consider me regarding this request.

    In Jesus name,

  10. Mr Khokhar

    Dear Sir, Greetings in the Precious Name of Our Lord Jesus Christ.
    I have gone through your website through browsing it tells a lot about Christian faith to be strong and be ready for the second coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. This is the right time to spread the Message of God through your ministry.
    I am capable to translate English language into Urdu, Sindhi, Punjabi and Saraiki. I have been translating books of English language into Urdu and Punjabi for more than 5 years for one of my local Christian ministry. Basically my native language is Punjabi but I have also done masters in the above mentioned languages.
    I live in a Muslim country; in my Punjabi community most of the people are unable to understand Christian English literature. It was my desire to make them understand in their common language so I started to spread God’s message in Urdu and Punjabi languages. Now people are growing in their Christian faith and becoming firm in their beliefs. I believe that my people’s faith will become stronger and fruitful by reading your material in their own languages. I would like to render my services as professional translator. Urdu is spoken in South Asia especially in Subcontinent .There are 270 million speakers of it. Official language of Pakistan and some parts of India. Punjabi is being spoken in Pakistan, India Canada and USA as well. Total speaker of this language are 104 million. Hope to hear soon from you.
    In Christ
    Mr Khokhar

  11. Quintin M Balagot

    Bro Roman Cariaga and I had some kind of “sharing views” on the predicament of many of our preachers and ministers which somehow discourage our young and enthusiastic members from studying in our bible schools. The result that we see in the field, with very few exception, is that the majority of our brethren working in the Lord’s vineyard are underpaid; their pay is just enough to “make both ends meet”, so to speak. Hence, we have come to entertain the idea for our brotherhood, especially our leaders and brothers in the Lord who are materially blessed, to come together to find ways by which we can inpire our youth to get formal training in our bible schools to be more effective in their preaching work including those who are already working. We know that we can examine a lot of ideas on how to overcome this nagging problem if we can put our minds together. This could be one concrete example of putting into practice the teaching on “sharing one’s another burden.” Your ideas and proposals on this matter would be highly appreciated and feedbacks are most welcome. My email ad: kenbal5@yahoo.com.

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