Our Lord Jesus Christ was both God and Man when Christ was incarnated through the Virgin Mary. This we can read from the accounts of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John in their gospel accounts. Apostle Paul records the presence of two natures in the person of our Lord Jesus Christ in Colossians 2:9. However, some have difficulty explaining the passage where our Lord said that the Son doesn’t know the end of Jerusalem, and the coming of the Son. If he didn’t know the future, it is concluded by some: “He is not God because he doesn’t know everything.”

To understand the NT we should accept the fact that Jesus Christ from A.D. 1 possessed two natures, and there were times that the deity is referred to in certain verses while in other verses his humanity is referred to. To demand that in all utterances of Christ his deity is referred to is an error as much as to demand that all utterances of Christ his humanity is referred.

In the following verses we would like to ask which is referred to: Humanity or Deity?

1. John 1:1 – The Word was God. Does this refer to Christ’s deity or humanity?

2. John 1:2 – He was in the beginning with God. Does this refer to His deity or humanity?

3. John 1:3 – All things were made thro Him. Does this refer to His deity or humanity?

4. John 1:10 – The world was made thro Him. Does this refer to His deity or humanity?

5. John 1:14 – The Word became flesh. Does this refer to His deity or humanity?

6. John 1:30 – “He was before me.” Does this refer to His deity or humanity?

7. John 1:48 – Jesus seeing Nathanael in a secluded place. His deity or humanity?

8. John 2:24,25 – He knew all men. Does this refer to His deity or humanity?

9. John 3:13 – No one has ascended to heaven but He who came down from heaven. Is this  referring to Christ’s deity or humanity?

10. John 3:16 + 3:34– God sent His Son into the world. Is this deity or humanity?

11. John 3:31 – He comes from above, is above all; comes from heaven is above all. Is this   referring to His deity or humanity?

12. John 3:32 + John 3:11 + John 15:15- He has seen and heard things in heaven. Does this  act of seeing refer to His deity or humanity in A.D. 31?

13. John 5:17 + 9:4 – He has been working as the Father is working. Is this deity or humanity?

14. John 5:17,18 – His relationship as God’s Son and the Father He calls Father – this meant to the Jews that the Son and the Father are equal. Is the deity or the humanity  of Jesus the one equal with the Father?

15. John 5:19,20 – Jesus sees (present tense in 31 A.D.) the Father doing and He does the same    things. Do the acts of seeing and doing refer to Jesus” deity or his humanity?

16. John 5:19 – Whatever the He (the Father) does, the Son does. Does this refer to Jesus’ deity  or to his humanity?

17. John 5:23 – “That all should honor the Son just as they honor the Father. He who does not  honor the Son does not honor the Father who sent Him.” Do we honor the Son as human and do we give that same human honor to the Father? Do we honor   the Son as God and do we honor the Father as God.

18. John 5:26 – Life is inherent in the Father and life is inherent in the Son. Does this possession   of eternal life in the past belong to deity or to Jesus’ humanity?

19. John 5:30, 36 – Christ was sent by the Father, and He hears the Father. Was this hearing and  sending before the birth of Jesus to the Virgin Mary or after Jesus’ birth?

20. John 5:37 + John 1:18 – It is understood here that the Son has seen the Father. See again our reference to John 5:19-20. The Christ who saw and heard the Father, is it Christ’s deity or his humanity?

     If the above utterances of Jesus and references to himself refer to his deity and not to his humanity, should not Matthew 24:36; Mark 13:32 be interpreted as referring to his humanity and not to his deity?  To be consistent, it should be.

     Note: In the next series we shall continue to submit passages that will train our understanding about the dual nature of our Lord Jesus Christ. ### – Eusebio Tanicala, June 10, 2011