CALASIAO, PANGASINAN – The Aro Ministries which is based in Francisco, California and chaired by Bill Jimenez sponsored the May 5-7, 2011 seminar-workshop entitled “Speaking and Writing for the Master.” The seminar-workshop’s objective is to help develop speakers and writers who will promote the proclamation of Christ’s saving gospel.

Daniel Oliva took charge of the Speaking aspect while Eusebio Tanicala took care of the writing part. There were thirty one who were listed during the first day and a few more joined the group in the succeeding days. Most of the participants came from Calasiao, San Carlos City and Lingayen in the province of Pangasinan.

On the last day of the affair, a public speaking demonstration was participated in by four attendees. Adjudged “excellent” in the professional category was Analyn Ramos of Lingayen town. A “special recognition” certificate was awarded to Greg Manuel who is also from Lingayen , Pangasinan.

In the workshop on writing, adjudged “excellent” in the college level was Rufalyn Garcia while Hazelleth C. Gabrillo was also rated “excellent” in the high school category.

In the morning of May 7th, there were three young ladies (Celina Velasco, Karla Joanna A. Calaguio, and Joyce Ann A. Calaguio) were baptized by brother Michael Perrera into Christ’s death. These three have been previously taught the gospel by the Calasiao brethren.

Church leaders who planned and supervised the holding of this seminar-workshop are Erben Gonzales, Rolly Traje, Dionisio Jimenez, Michael Perreras and Jovencio Ilumin, Jr.

Of course the women folks of the Calasiao congregation took care of the food/snack service.

Pictures of the seminar-workshop have been posted in Annabelle Solis’s Facebook Album since the early evening of May 7th. #