April 20 – Friday evening flight by PAL from San Francisco to Manila.

April 22 – Sunday afternoon arrival in Calasiao, Pangasinan , Philippines.

April 23-24 – WE CARE Evangelism Workshop for Calasiao- Dagupan City area.

April 25 -Wednesday, door knocking day time and Gospel Meeting evening.

April 26-27, Workshop on WE CARE Evangelism at the Philippine Theological College (PTC) in Bugallon, Pangasinan through Bro. Junas Sagurit, President of PTC, and Pangasinan preachers-evangelists.

April 30-May 1, Workshop on WE CARE Evangelism at the Philippine Bible College (PBC ) in Baguio City through the coordination of Bro. Cris Sacayanan, PBC Director, Bro. Eusebio Tanicala, Bro. John Quiniones, Bro. Tommy Mapalo, preachers-evangelists in Baguio City and La Union area.

May 3, Thursday , door knocking in Baguio City neighborhood.

May 5-7 , Workshop on WE CARE Evangelism at the Manila School of Evangelism to be followed by Door Knocking in selected Metro Manila neighborhood, through the coordination of Bro. Jun Patricio, Bro. Bert, Bro. Philip Dumawa, preachers-evangelists from Metro Manila.

NOTE: Bro. Steven Prine is preaching on Sunday at the worship services of host congregation.


Bro. Steven Prine, Deacon, in-charge of Missions & Evangelism, Turlock Church of Christ, Turlock, California, USA. Bro Steven Prine is a veteran of many WE CARE Evangelism campaigns throughout the United States , the latest of which was hosted by the Upland Church of Christ in Southern California with a fruitful result of 41 immediate baptisms; Sis. Angela Prine, wife of Bro. Steven Prine.

Bro. Art Gabot Madlaing, former elder and now one of the evangelists of the Golden Gate Church of Christ in San Francisco, California, USA. Art had used the WE CARE Evangelism approach resulting in more than 80% of the baptisms at the Golden Gate congregation for the past five years.
Sis. Virginia Jimenez Madlaing, wife of Bro. Art Gabot Madlaing. She is an alumnus of the Philippine Bible College in Baguio City .

Plus possible minister-evangelist (and spouse) from Texas , USA.