The Humanity of the First Adam

By Eusebio Tanicala

When we talk about the humanity of our Lord Jesus Christ it would help much our comprehension if we go back to the description of the First Adam’s humanity. Please don’t ever think of your sinful, corrupted humanity and compare it with that of Christ’s. It wouldn’t work.

Adam, the husband of Eve in Paradise is called the First Adam. Jesus Christ who was born to the Virgin Mary is called the Second Adam. See 1 Cor 15:47. The First Adam in his period of innocence should be the humanity that we compare with Christ’s  humanity.

Anu-ano ang mga katangian ni Adam na asawa ni Eva in the period of innocence?

First, he was made of dust from the ground perhaps moistened with some water so a wet clay lump was formed – now there was a lifeless clay lump on the ground in the Garden of Eden.

Second, God breathed into his nostrils the breath of life. What are the elements in this breath of life that God imparted on to the clay lump? There’s biological life.  General biology branches into (a) botany which is plant life, and (b) zoology which is animal life. The best scientists today could not create life, could not infuse life into a lifeless branch and lifeless lump of flesh. So God gave zoological life into the clay lump with the different human sense organs.

Another aspect in Adam given by God when He breathed into his nostrils are the spirit and soul. These are not present in the lower forms of animals kagaya ng baka, manok o aso. Spirit and soul ang nagbibigay ng self consciousness, reason, sense of beauty, morality, conscience and consciousness of the presence of God as well as a desire to worship a creator. This is the image of God in Adam that is mentioned in Genesis. A spark of deity was communicated into the First Adam, the husband of Eve.

Third, this First Adam in the Garden of Eden was innocent, he was without sin. Adam at this stage did not know sin. Adam at this stage did not commit any sin. He was conscious of his God. He was conscious of the commandments of God. He wanted to please God. He had the free will to obey God.  This was the humanity of Jesus: innocent, without sin, growing, suffering, put under trial, victorious.

This humanity of the First Adam, uncorrupted and undefiled, is the first stage of the Ideal Humanity. It didn’t know disobedience and didn’t know sin. This is the humanity that could have lived close to a thousand years.  Adam lived 930 years; Seth lived 807 years; Enosh lived 815 years; Cainan 910 years; Mahaleel 895 years; Jared 962 years; Methuselah 969 years. See Genesis 5.

If Adam and Eve could have eaten the fruit of the Tree of Life, that innocent humanity could have made the human flesh into an incorruptible flesh. This is a logical conclusion from the biblical records. How? We don’t know.

In this period of innocence we are not aware of any description of supernatural power and knowledge in Adam. Potency and omniscience could have come later in later years. Promotion could have come if Adam proved obedient and respectful of God his Creator. This idea is derived from Philippians 2:1-11. Christ as Man was exalted after he has been tried and tested. After a period of trial, Christ as Man was promoted even higher than the level of angels. Christ endured the sufferings put upon him says Hebrews 5:8. Man becoming higher than angels? That’s possible based on the wordings of 1Cor. 6:3.

Was it possible that the First Adam could have obeyed God just as the Second Adam was victorious in obeying God? Based on Bible information, it could have been possible. (We shall have a follow up article on this idea.)

Angels were demoted when they became disobedient during the probationary period says Jude 6 and 2Peter 2:4.  Humanity also degenerated because of disobedience. #