This past month of August, during the wake of Myra, one of those 42 passengers who died in a bus accident at Banangan along Quirino Highway, some fifteen kilometers away from Baguio City, I was asked to give a brief advice to the grieving relatives and I said:

“Last week I went to a Christian Bookstore and one book title attracted my attention. It says: ‘Everybody Wants to Go to Heaven but Nobody Wants to Die.’ Death is entrance into Paradise. So it is on the instance of death that one who being in Christ could approach triumphantly the entrance door and knock to get inside. Myra, who you believe found and accepted Christ in her life, now knocks at the door of Paradise. Therefore, this is not a time to grieve. It should be a time of celebration.

“Paradise is more beautiful than Canada or Hawaii or London or Baguio. When a relative flies out into one of these countries we all celebrate and even give a send off party. Myra, we believe, is leaving you to fly out into a distant place. This event should therefore be a time to celebrate.”

© Eusebio Tanicala

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