Free Will And The Fall Of Mother Eva

Eusebio A. Tanicala, Ph.D.

This time our study centers on the free will of our mother Eve. When talking about God’s sovereign will and predestination, we have to bring out how Eve committed sin. Determine whether or not there is individual predestination. Determine whether or not God’s sovereignty  forced Satan to seduce Eve and whether or not God’s sovereign will forced Eve to succumb to Satan’s seduction. We ask the following question so that you as a reader who wants to reflect on Satan’s seduction and Eve’s free will could make a sound conclusion.

  1. Did God put free will in Eve’s faculties?
  2. Did God program Eve’s free will to go against God’s sovereign will?
  3. Did God program Eve’s free will to always obey God’s sovereign will?
  4. When Eve, in the Garden of Eden, willed to disregard God’s prohibition was it the responsibility of Eve or of God?
  5. Was it God’s sovereign will that willed for Satan’s entrance into the Garden of Eden?
  6. Was it God’s sovereign will that willed for Satan’s will to encounter Eve’s free will?
  7. Was it God’s sovereign will that Satan willed to seduce Eve’s free will?
  8. Was it predetermined by God’s sovereign will that Eve would be seduced by Satan?
  9. Was it God’s sovereign will that Eve’s free will would be confused so as to lose her will to obey God’s sovereign will?
  10. Was it God’s sovereign will that prevailed when Eve’s will was confused by Satan?
  11. Did God harden the free will of Eve to continue in sin?


In the study of God’s sovereign will and man’s free will, the following should be asked and clarified by the Bible student:

  1. God is holy; He cannot be unholy.
  2. God is righteous; He cannot be unrighteous.
  3. God is omnipotent; He cannot be impotent.
  4. God is omniscient; He cannot be mentally blank or partially ignorant but He can opt to hold back information from man when He wants to.
  5. God is omnipresent; He cannot be non-present.
  6. God is and He exists; He cannot be null and non-existent.
  7. God is God; He cannot be un-God.
  8. God is eternal; He cannot be destroyed.
  9. God is true; He cannot be false.
  10. God voluntarily gives man free will; He cannot over ride man’s free will and hold man answerable for what man does not freely will.


God gave mother Eve her free will. God gives the instructions on what and how to obey Him. When Eve disregarded God’s prohibition about the tree of knowledge of good and evil, it was Eve’s responsibility. She was held responsible for her disobedience. If God’s sovereign will pushed Eve to commit sin, it would be illogical to curse Eve for her action.