Mysteries In Our Religion (Mga Hiwaga Sa Ating Pananampalataya)

There is a tendency for us to reject any idea unless our logic or common sense accepts as reasonable a certain proposition. But we should recognize that if an idea is expressed or declared in the Bible, it should be accepted by faith even if our mind could not reduce it into logic or could not grasp it. It is possible that our young mind could not comprehend it now but would comprehend it in later years. Or we could not grasp it in a lifetime but will understand it when we get to heaven. This is taught in 1 Cor 13:11-12.

Here are some mysteries or difficult doctrines (Mga mahiwagang doktrina):

1.God is – without beginning, without ending;  self existing.

The human brain is oriented to a beginning and ending. God has been existing in the past and that past extends backward without end. Our mind could not fathom an endless past although it is at ease thinking of an endless future.

2. Three persons in One God: Father, Son, Holy Spirit.

Again the human brain is oriented to particulars and these particulars are solid or concrete. These particulars are thought of as distinct and separate and are not congruent. But the more matured mind that is able to consider particularities in the psycho-mental-emotional level might be able to appreciate harmony, unity, oneness, complete congruence in the spiritual level. In this spiritual level where only God exists with congruent omnipresence, omnipotence, omniscience there’s no way except to say the three are one.

3. God became flesh and tabernacled with man – John 1:14; Isaiah 9:6.

This is a new event in history so it is difficult to grasp. But Yahweh the true God had appeared as man to Abraham and Sarah. God in the form of man ate with Abraham and Sarah and spent at least one night in Abraham’s  tent. Read Genesis 18 & 19. In the wilderness wandering which was led by Moses, Christ the spirit persona took the form of a rock and provided water to Israel 40 years. Read 1 Cor. 10:4; Exodus 17:1-7; Numbers 20:10-11. If it is acceptable that Christ could take the form of a Rock for a period of 40 years, why is it incredible for the same Christ to take the form a man for 33 years? What is lower a human being or a rock?

4. Christ who is God became flesh is one person.

Again our human mathematics is at a loss here. Christ is one person in the God head.  He is one person in the Trinity. Christ during his tabernacling on earth was human. You bring together the two natures of deity and humanity that were in Christ and there you have one person, one Christ. Read 1 Tim. 3:16.

Some Bible students use the mathematical operations of multiplication or division to arrive at the number “ONE” but that is not an acceptable procedure. One person in the Godhead with a divine nature  took upon himself human nature: these are brought together and the unity is one person. That is our theology. That is the declaration we understand from the Bible. But it is difficult to explain and demonstrate with earthly illustrations. However, this could be explained when your mind is brought into the higher level of understanding.

Multiplication or division is not possible as an explanation because it would be “1 person with divine nature multiplied or divided by one person with human nature” is unacceptable because the rule says that the nature of the multiplicand or the nature of the dividend should be the nature of the answer.

One person divided by one God (1 person X 1 God) is not a good mathematical sentence. One person times one person times one person equals one person (1 person X 1 person X 1 person = 1 person) is not what we believe. One God times one God times one God (1 God X 1 God X 1 God) is not our belief. This shows that multiplying or dividing the number of persons or the number of God is a wrong concept.

Your comment or observation is welcomed.  (Eusebio A. Tanicala, Ph.D. – 7.15.10)