Bible Translators And Promoters

We continue to feature some people who have contributed to the production and easy enjoyment of Scripture message. From the Teacher’s Manual of  New Life Through His Word, 1990, published by 20th Century Christian we borrow the following:

“KING JAMES I. Best Known Name in Bibles. But he did not write the King James Version. He appointed 54 Bible experts to make a new translation of the scriptures in the English language. For 7 years these men worked faithfully, translating God’s word from Greek and Hebrew manuscripts into English.

“In 1611 the task was finished.  The King was pleased with the new Bible, commanded all the churches of England to use it in their services. It is often called The Authorized Version and has been the favorite of Protestant Bible readers ever since.

“The King James Version of the Bible is a masterpiece of English literature. Its rhythmic beauty will probably never be surpassed by any other version.

“King James I was the King of England who sent the Mayflower to America. His famous Bible is about nine years older than the first American colonies.”


Some Bible teachers insist that the Greek preposition eis in Acts 2:38 should mean  “because” so they demand that the phrase should read “repent and be baptized everyone of you because your sins have been forgiven.” But the 54 experts appointed by King James I translated it “for” which has a forward effect. Even the New King James Version translates eis with the English preposition “for.”

Those who insist that eis should be translated “because” are not consistent. When we ask if they are willing to say “repent everyone of you because your sins have been forgiven” they are silent.  The original Greek puts “repent and be baptized” as prerequisites to “forgiveness of sins” but some people  insist that “baptism” should be placed after forgiveness of sins. (Eusebio A. Tanicala, Ph.D., 7.20.10)