“He Made Himself Of No Reputation” (2)

BY Eusebio Tanicala

The pure spirit Yahweh God in His fully glorified and majestic form no man has ever seen or heard.  This is Christ’s declaration in John 5:37. Yahweh God says “I AM THAT I AM” (Exodus 3:14, KJV) or “I AM WHO I AM” (NKJV) or  “I WILL BE WHAT I WILL BE” (New Living Translation footnote). This means that YAHWEH our God could become what He wants to become. Jesus Christ our Lord wears the name Yahweh (LORD). Therefore, Christ could say “I will be what I will be.”  OT records actually tell us that God manifested Himself as Angel of the Lord, as man, as a burning bush, as a Rock and yet He remained God. Our God could if He would. Sometimes he could have but He did not.

Christ is a spirit persona before 1 A.D. But long, long time ago there was already a plan that man should be redeemed from the dirty control of the Devil. Before the foundation of the world, Christ was already assigned to provide for the salvation of mankind by satisfying divine justice for crimes against the majesty and dignity of God.

If you study very well the life and works of Lucifer who turned Devil you would appreciate why Christ “made Himself of no reputation” as worded by the KJV and the NKJV.  Christ had a purpose and mission: To satisfy divine justice and save mankind from sin. The display of divine glory, divine authority, divine power, and divine majesty does not satisfy divine justice and save mankind. Adam as a criminal and sinner has to die an eternal death in hell. But God loves Adam and mankind. God has to make the move. God has to provide a means to satisfy justice. God has to suffer. He allowed His Son to become Man, a Second Adam to be as human as the First Adam. Becoming the Second Adam to suffer and save the First Adam was what Christ He made Himself of no reputation. Christ became a physical Adam so that he could suffer the penalty of the First Adam who sinned. We are all adams because we participate in Adam’s rebellion in not loving, not obeying and not worshipping God.

Let’s note the following varieties and degrees of divine glory. Let’s notice God becoming what He wants to become as impressed upon the human mind in different occasions.

  1. God is clothed with honor and majesty and covered with intense light when He wants to. –Please see Psalm 104:1-2; Mark 9:2-3; Matt. 17:2; Acts 9:3.
  2. God’s intense glory and majesty man could not stand – 2 Chron. 5:13-14; 7:2; Lev. 16:2; Judges 13:22.
  3. God’s glory can be expressed in majestic natural phenomena – Exodus 40:34-35; 1Kings 8:10-11.
  4. God’s presence could be shown in awesome and fearsome phenomena like thick clouds, smoke,      earthquake and trumpet sounds – Exodus 19:16-20; Deut. 5:4-5; Deut. 5:23-33.
  5. God could appear as a powerful Angel of YAHWEH—Judges 6:11-27; Judges 13:6-23; Joshua 5:13-15.
  6. God could appear as a man – Genesis 18:1-2, 17-33; Joshua 5:13-15.
  7. God could appear as a Rock – 1 Cor 10:4; Exodus 17:1-7; Num. 20:7-11.
  8. God’s presence could be fearsome—1Kings 19:11-15; Heb. 12:18-21.
  9. God could appear as a burning bush – Exodus 3:2-15.
  10. God could appear as a man of flesh and bones and wrestle with Jacob – Genesis 32:7.
  11. God became flesh and tabernacled with men – John 1:14; 1John 1:1-4.

The above various appearances reveal different degrees of majesty. That God could become or appear in the different forms. He could make Himself of no reputation when He took the form of a Rock struck by Moses in the Exodus wandering.

In our folklores, evil spirits could become material in the form of a male, form of a white lady, a pig, a dog, a stick, a giant kapre, a dwende, a long piece of cloth, a rock, burning coal, jumping fire ball and many sorts of things. And yet these evil spirits retain their essential nature of being evil spirits. While they appear in physical forms and thus reduced in capabilities, these evil spirits promote fear and spiritism among humans which is their mission on earth.

If Satan could transform himself into different forms, if evil spirits could transform themselves into different forms and still retain their essential nature together with the material forms they become, is it impossible for the Omnipotent, Omnipresent, Omniscient , Almighty  Yahweh God to take the form of a human being and still retain His divinity?

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