A Helpful Illustration & Explanation Of Our Belief In The Trinity

I’ve formulated an eight step illustration-explanation on our belief in the holy Trinity. One of the steps is to tell students that we have to think of the material world in three levels of material existence which are (a) Solid,(b) Liquid, and (c) Gas.

Ordinary minds tend to dwell in the level of solid matter, in the level of the concrete. Ordinary minds have difficulty shifting into the abstract and the spiritual. One stone plus one stone is always two stones. But if you take three glasses filled with water then pour these three glasses of water into a big pitcher, the three glasses of water become one water. In the level of gas, we can use this illustration in the following steps: (a) Have 3 match sticks and light one so there is one flame, (b)Light the second stick so you now have two flames, (c) Light the third stick and now you have three flames, (d) Now bring all the lighted match stick heads together and presto you got one flame.

The pure spirit level is the level of God’s natural existence. In that pure spirit level, we think of God as omnipresent and all-powerful. Being in the spirit level, any place where the Father is present the Son is also present. The place where the Christ is, the Holy Spirit is also present.  So in their omnipresence, their presence in all spaces, all three are one. They are one because there is no place where the first person is found where the second and third person are not found.  So in mathematics this we call congruence. Three congruent circles are seen as one by the naked eye. One is super-imposed on another. And since God is almighty and is all powerful and He can do miraculous acts, the first person is as powerful as the first and the second person is as powerful  as the third person, there is complete congruence in power. The same could be said of omniscience. #–E.Tanicala