Eliminate Your Bad Hermeneutics – Psalm 80:4 on God’s Anger Against Prayer

You should interpret Amos 5:23 as you interpret Psalm 80:4 by taking the context. Singing and the use of instrumental music are commands in the Old Testament. Sacred assemblies and burnt offerings and grain offerings and fattened animal sacrifices are commandments in the Book of Leviticus. Prayer is also commanded in the OT. Great men in the Bible were men of prayer. Psalm 80:4 says, ”O LORD God of hosts, how long will You be angry against the prayer of Your people?”

Please don’t interpret this passage to mean that praying is a prohibited act. Please don’t interpret Psalm 80:4 that Yahweh is against prayer. In the context of Psalms 80 prayers were unacceptable to God because the people sinned and were separated from God. We know how to interpret Psalm 80:4 with its context so you should interpret Amos  5:23 with its context.

(Eusebio Tanicala)