God Can Become Man or Appear as Man

God Can Become Man or Appear as Man

In our younger days as student of the Bible, I had a hard time grasping God’s exercise of divine power. Even today, there are many students of the Bible who could not comprehend God’s ability to appear, become man or appear in the form of man.

It would be interesting for our readers to contemplate on the following passages which prove that God could take the form of a human being. That angels who have likas na kalagayang espiritu ay maaring magpakita sa anyong tao.

“Then the LORD appeared to him by the terebinth trees of Mamre, as he was sitting in the tent door in the heat of the day. So he lifted his eyes and looked, and behold three men were standing by him; and when he saw them, he ran from the tent door to meet them and bowed himself to the ground. x x x Then the men rose from there and looked toward Sodom, and Abraham went with them to send them on the way. And the LORD said, ‘Shall I hide from Abraham what I am doing…?.” Genesis 18:1, 2, 16,17 The term LORD is Yahweh in the original Hebrew Bible which refers to the true God. Only the true God is called Yahweh in the Bible.

“… a Man wrestled with him until the breaking of day…So Jacob called the name of the place Peniel: ‘For I have seen God face to face and my life is preserved.”  Genesis 32:24 & 30 The inspired author of Genesis says that someone in physical form, and He is called Man (tao) grappled with Jacob. The phrase “face to face” means a very close encounter, a real presence.

“…send an Angel … My name is in Him… For my Angel shall go before you…”Exodus 23:20-23 The person is here called “Angel” but our NKJV scholars feel that this is not an ordinary angel so it is with a capital letter. The clause “My name is in Him” speaks a lot. It means all the powers and all the authority of deity reside in Him, in the Angel.

“…Angel of the LORD… he saw the Angel of the LORD…   “Numbers 22:31-35 Note again the capital letter employed by the translators which suggest deity.

“… a Man stood opposite him… Joshua fell on his face to the earth and worshipped…The Commander of the Lord’s army said to Joshua… ‘Take your sandal off your feet for the place where you stand is holy.’ And Joshua did so. “ Joshua 5:13-15 The heavenly visitor in Israel’s camp appeared to the naked eyes of Joshua which means that the appearance was material. That the Man was worshipped proves that He was a divine being and not an ordinary angel. That Joshua was commanded to take off his sandal because the ground became holy in the visitor’s presence is parallel to the experience of Moses in Exodus 3:1-13. In Moses’ experience, the appearance and presence was a burning bush and the voice declared that He is the I AM.  This  One encountered by Moses is called God.

Zechariah 1:7-11 mentions “a man” “an angel” and the Angel of the LORD.”  The heavenly visitor appeared as a man.

“… behold two men stood by them in white apparel,” Acts 1:10-11 Every Bible student understands that these two visitors who talked to the apostles were angels who are by nature spirit but they  appeared as man.

The passages cited above are sufficient proofs that spirit beings could and in fact appeared as man. Many believe that the person identified as “Angel of the Lord” could be the appearances of Christ in the Old Testament. # -E.Tanicala