The Premillennialism Theory

Many listeners of the radio program “Rescue” and “Rescue Talk” aired over DWLY FM in Baguio City ask questions about the “Rapture” “The One Thousand Years” the number “666” the “tribulation” which are connected with the Premillennial theory of Christ’s advent. We would like, therefore, to do some articles to explain these topics so that our members will be more knowledgeable in combating error.

Important things we should remember are the premillennial theory’s literal one thousand year reign of Christ seated on the literal throne of King David in literal Jerusalem demand the following:  That the literal city walls of Jerusalem shall be reconstituted and the literal temple in Jerusalem shall be rebuilt and that the temple worship of Judaism which includes animal sacrifices and religious festivals shall be revived. Perhaps many premillennialists don’t realize that this premillennial theory demotes the work and person of Christ, disregards the cross and the whole premillennial theory is against the teachings of the books of the New Testament. Please keep in touch. #