Does the fullness of the Godhead dwell in Jesus bodily?

Personal Influencing and Fruiting Presence of the Holy Spirit (3)

By Eusebio Tanicala

Note: Ang pinagdebatehan tema noong nakaraang taon sa Urdaneta City at Quezon City ay: “Resolved, that the Bible teaches that the Holy Spirit indwells, influences, and guides the Christian today only through the word of God.” Tapusin muna natin itong influence and guidance bago talakayin yaong “indwelling” kung referido ba sa individual Christian or corporate church. Gusto nating bigyang pansin itong “influences and guides” sapagkat may akusasyon na tayong nasa negative side of the proposition are “false teachers.” We have to explain our side of the issue.

Sa nakaraang sanaysay pinansin natin ang Col. 2:9. Ngayon idagdag natin ang Juan 1:14 para sa ating reflection in relation to the dwelling of the Godhead in Jesus Christ bodily. Ito ay basehan din ng ating pagmumunimuni ukol sa pananahan ng Espiritu sa buhay ng Cristiano.

“For in Him dwells the fullness of the Godhead bodily,” says Col. 2:9 (NKJV). hoti en auto katoikei pan to pleruma tis theotetos sumatikos.

The term “Godhead” says M.R.Vincent (Word Studies in the NT, 906), refers to “the essential and personal deity as belonging to Christ.” Bengel, another Greek scholar, is quoted as saying about the same word: “Not the divine attributes, but the divine nature.”

On the other hand, “bodily” means that deity is clothed with a body. (ibid.)

This description of the apostle Paul about the relationship of the personal divine nature of Christ with His human body is as mysterious as the Trinity. It’s so mind boggling when we ask the following questions:

(1) Which is larger in metric dimension, the personal divine nature of Jesus Christ or the human body of Jesus?
(2) Does the human nature of Christ encase the divine nature or vice versa?
(3) Was the divine essence of Christ personally present on earth during Christ’s earthly ministry?
(4) If the divine essence of Christ was personally present on earth during his 33 years of human existence on earth, was the presence of Christ’s deity limited to and confined within the bodily size of our Lord Jesus?
(5) During the 33 year period of Christ’s personal presence on earth, was Christ’s deity omnipresent, transcendent and immanent?
(6) Did/does the personal divine essence of Christ personally and directly dwell inside the human body of Christ?

Biblical chronology dates the Book of Colossians at 62-63 A.D. Since the verb “dwells” in Col. 2:9 is in the present tense, it is the stronger assumption that in heaven the resurrected body of Christ encases the fullness of deity. But there’s possibility that even during the earthly presence of Christ, the fullness of the Godhead dwelt in Jesus bodily. In either case, it baffles the mind how on earth can deity that is everywhere in the cosmos be encased in the human body of Jesus. It is, as previously illustrated, like someone tells you to put all the waters of Manila Bay into your coffee mug. But that is the language of Colossians 2:9. Just because we can’t explain this matter mathematically it doesn’t mean that it is false. Metrical length, width and depth should not be used to measure the omnipresence of Christ’s deity as much as we don’t use mensuration to count the Trinity and the unity of God. We should not also worry about the size of the human body whether or not it can contain a personal Holy Spirit.

We who are struggling about the presence and influence of the Holy Spirit in the Christian should answer the above questions. If these questions are fully answered, our doubts about the Holy Spirit’s presence will be lessened to a great extent.

There are more brief articles that follow this title. I hope that this is helpful. Kung may kahinaan ang aming analysis, handa kaming tumanggap ng inyong pagtutuwid.

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