Does Holy Spirit personal presence in every believer divide the Holy Spirit?

Personal Influencing & Fruiting Presence of the Holy Spirit (4)

By Eusebio Tanicala

Note: Ang temang ito ang pinagdebatehan noong nakaraang taon sa Urdaneta City at Quezon City: “Resolved, that the Bible teaches that the Holy Spirit indwells, influences and guides the Christian today only through the word of God.” Tapusin muna natin ito bago talakayin yaong “indwelling” kung referido ba sa individual Christian or the corporate church.

One big obstacle from accepting the personal presence of the Holy Spirit in the believer today is the possibility of contradicting the theological dogma which states, “God is indivisible.”

Personal presence would mean, to the human mind, that each Christian today would have a dwarf Holy Spirit in him. If there were 1 billion believers today then there would be one billion dwarf Holy Spirit inhabiting every believer.

To help us confront the seeming difficulty, the doubter should first answer the following:

  1. When the eternal divine nature (Godhead) of Christ dwelt/dwells in the human body of Christ, did/does the Holy Spirit became/become a dwarf Spirit reduced to the dimension of approximately 6 feet height, 2 feet width and 6 inches thickness human body size?
  2. When the Holy Spirit descended and alighted on Jesus in the form of a dove, was the Holy Spirit’s size and personal presence reduced to the body size of a human being?
  3. When the 12 apostles received the baptismal measure of the Holy Spirit, did the Holy Spirit divide Himself into 12 dwarf Spirits?
  4. Did Moses and the 70 elders in Num. 11:23-30 each possess individual dwarf Holy Spirits? (5) When the Holy Spirit descended on the household members of Cornelius in Acts 10, did the Holy Spirit divide Himself into dwarf Spirits?

Should we subject deity under the law of solid matter? One solid matter can be present at one given moment in one given place. But an omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent deity could transcend time and space. A limited illustration could be television and tele-conferencing and tele-lecturing today. Today a lecturer could be in one place but can appear on big screens before big audiences in many countries simultaneously. And audiences could directly interact with the lecturer 10,000 miles away. That is the wonder of technology. And God is one billion times more wonderful than modern information technology. It should, therefore, be no worry to anyone when we talk about the Holy Spirit being present personally with every believer.

The above questions should be sincerely confronted and answered. We should confront the issue head on. What one puts as a burden on the advocate of “personal indwelling” is the same burden that the “through the word only” advocate should carry. Until these questions are answered no further argumentation should be done by those who are struggling about this issue. I wish you a peaceful day of reflection on God’s word. Kung may kanihaan ang aming analysis, handa kaming tumanggap ng inyong pagtutuwid.

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