Conversions in the Cagayan Valley

Preachers and church leaders continue to share the gospel to our people. On March 4 three inmates in the Quirino provincial jail in Cabarroguis town surrendered their lives after several weeks of gospel lessons with brethren Banaga, Tangunan and Mercado. Baptized were R. Sumalbag, J. Rivera and R. Ignacio who are serving terms in the provincial prison house. Brother Rudy Mercado and Edward Tangunan conduct classes every Wednesday in this provincial jail.

In the third week of February Mario Bolesa and Ed Tangunan fully taught Mr/Mrs. Pepito Bolesa. Wife and husband decided to obey Christ in water baptism on Febuary 24th.

During the last week of February while brethren Mercado, Concepcion, Lumandaz, Bagachon, Bolesa, Tangunan and others were repairing the chapel in Potia during day time, they preached at night time. After several nights of teaching, four young people were baptized. In the first Sunday of February, brother Eusebio Tanicala visited and preached at Potia, Ifugao. #