North Luzon Lectureship in Baguio

April 8-10 is the date for the fellowship-lectureship of northern Luzon congregations which will be held at the 18 Rimando Road compound. Hosting this affair is the Baguio Church. Expected attendance is may reach 1000. The theme is on the authority of Jesus Christ.

To speak on special topics are Bob Buchanan (The Doctrine of Fellowship & Disfellowship); Ken Wilkey (The Appointment of Elders & Deacons); Eusebio Tanicala (The Instrumental Music Issue).

Textual lessons will discussed by Felix Bravo (Mtt. 5:22 & 26); Jun Patricio (Mtt. 5:28 & 32; Roger Nonog (Mtt. 5:44); Arnold Zambrano & Em de Castro & Sam Nisperos (Mtt. 6:2,5,16 in separate classes); John Quiniones, Arnan Bayla, Sam Nisperos (Mtt. 6:25 & 29 in separate classes). #