The deity and humanity of Christ

If Jesus Christ were deity (God) why is it that …..

  1. He didn’t know the day when the world would end as read in Matt. 24:36?
  2. He was born of the Virgin Mary and wrapped in swaddling cloths?
  3. He cried when He was brought to his friend Lazarus’s tomb?
  4. He slept and became thirsty?
  5. He bled and died at the cross on Calvary?
  6. He said that the Father is greater than He is in John 10:28?
  7. He increased in wisdom and physical size says Luke 2:51?

The above items belong to the humanity of Jesus Christ and not to His deity. But these don’t necessarily exclude another nature of our Lord.

To shift the burden of proof, on those who claim that the Lord Jesus is man (human) only there are also some questions they ought to answer.

If Jesus Christ were man (human) only why is it that :

  1. He was at the Father’s side before the creation of the world as read in John 17:5?
  2. By Him all things in heaven were created as read in Col. 1:16?
  3. By Him all things on earth were created as read in Col. 1:16?
  4. By Him all things invisible (thrones, dominions, principalities, powers) were created as read in Col. 1:16?
  5. He existed before the world was created says Col. 1:17?
  6. He existed before Adam the first man was created says Col.1:17?
  7. According to John the Baptist who is older said that Jesus existed before John the Baptist was born says John 1:30?
  8. According to John 3:13, Jesus while alive and talking to Nicodemus, He has ascended to heaven before He descended to earth?
  9. According John 6:33, 38, 50, 51 & 58 He came down from heaven before He died and ascended back to heaven?
  10. According to John 8:58 Jesus declared that He existed before Abraham was born?

The above items should point to the deity (God nature) of Jesus Christ.

In clarifying the meaning of Matt. 24:36, we should not think of the nature or essence of Christ as “either He is man only OR deity (God) only.” It’s like you asking me this question: “Is your brother in Honolulu a Filipino citizen OR an American citizen?” I would tell you that your question is wrong because my brother is BOTH a Filipino citizen and an American citizen. This is called “dual citizenship.”

In relation to citizenship we ask the question: “Can an American citizen privately own a pice of land in the Philippines?” No. But my brother owns a 150 square meter lot in Metro Manila. Who then owns that small piece of land? Is it my American citizen brother? No. It is my Filipno citizen brother who owns it.

Likewise, the question about the nature of Jesus Christ our Lord should not be “Is He man only or deity (God) only?” He is both Man and deity. He has dual nature.

Who then didn’t know the end of the world? Obviously Christ’s was pointing to his humanity as the one not knowing the day and hour of the end of the world. Going back to Luke 2:51, who is the Jesus that increased in wisdom? It refers to Jesus’ humanity. Who increased in physical size? Obviously, it refers to Jesus’ humanity.
I hope that this article with the illustrations is of help to Bible students.