The Presence and Indwelling of the Holy Spirit

(Series #02-09)

By Eusebio Tanicala

This year, I’ve written one article about the presence of the Holy Spirit. I’ve suggest that dividing into segments or epochs the time span of human awareness and Bible history might help clarify the issues under study. By reflecting on the Godhead (the Holy Spirit included) within the separate spheres of the different epochs we would have a wider sphere of understanding beyond the syntax and grammar of New Testament passages.

The main proposition that some Bible students affirm in this study is: “That the Holy Spirit indwells (influences, guides) the Christian through the mediation of the word (Bible) only.”

In a question form these same group asks: “What can the Holy Spirit do that the word can’t do?”

The proposition above means that the Holy Spirit (in effect God or deity) influences or guides Christians (in effect the whole cosmos) through the word only. This idea I deny.

The question above means that what the Holy Spirit can do, the word of God in the Bible can also do. In view of this belief they hold, there’s no need to call for the personal influence or guidance of the Holy Spirit because the inspired word has been delivered to mankind. This idea I also deny.

In the first article I wrote this year, we limited our thoughts within the period when what was in existence was deity or God. This Epoch #A covers from the unfathomable eternal past up to the point when spiritual dominions and powers or angelic hosts were created.

Within this period, several questions come out which we must seriously consider:

  1. During this period of Epoch #A, when what only existed is Deity or God, how big was God and what corner and point in cosmic space and in the heavens was God not found?
  2. During this period of Epoch #A, did the three persons of the Godhead communicate through the words written in the Bible or through telepathy?
  3. During this period of Epoch #A, the three persons of the Godhead were in complete harmony and complete unity, is it not true that where the Father was, the Second Person was also there and the Third Person was also there?
  4. During this period of Epoch #A, did the Holy Spirit influence or guide without the word or the Bible?
  5. The Holy Spirit existed during the period covered by Epoch #A and the Holy Spirit has mind today to go back into that epoch, did the Bible exist during that period of Epoch A and does the Bible possess mind that could go back and remember that period before the creation of the angelic hosts?

Your answers to the five questions above will make clear your position on the proposition and question submitted above.

It is clear that long before humanity was created and long before the Bible was written and long before God spoke anything in the physical universe as recorded in Genesis 1, God has acted and willed of His own. That means that God existed and willed of His own before anything was spoken in Genesis 1:1. Which means that Deity or God exists and wills beyond and outside of the oral or written word of the Bible. It means that God or the Godhead (Holy Spirit included) exists and wills beyond and outside the oral or written word of the Bible.#

(Note: A sequel to this article is forthcoming. ET)