Graduation in Bible Colleges

Philippine Bible College in Baguio expects to graduate ten students on March 27th according to brother Cristino Sacayanan; and according to brother Ferdinand Guillermo, the Southern Mindanao Bible College in Makilala, Cotabato will certify fourteen students on April 4th. We hope that these number will be added to the rank of preaching brethren.


2 thoughts on “Graduation in Bible Colleges

  1. Ferdinand C. Guillermo

    Correction: April 05, 2009 will be the date of SMBC 20th Commencement Exercises. Bro. Edwin G. Valencia will be our Guest Of Honor.We are going to have an Intercongregational Worship and Fellowship also on that same day.Commencement Excercises will follow right after the Worship.

  2. Ferdinand C. Guillermo

    SMBC ALUMNI HOMECOMING WILL BE ON APRIL 3-4, 2009 TO BE HELD AT SMBC CAMPUS.ALL SMBCian’s are expected to attenda. ( Bro. Dencio Solis )

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