WEAK ARGUMENT – “God is a man of war”

Since 1960 I’ve heard several students using the expression “God is a man of war” (Exodus 15:3) to counter the claim of people who teach that “God is not man.”

The expression “man of war” in Exodus 15 means that God is a warrior, or that God fights and destroys armies. It doesn’t mean that the Godhead is human.

“Man of war” may also refer to a warship and doesn’t refer to the humanity of a certain type of battleship.

I strongly appeal to Bible College teachers to stop using this Exodus 15 passage to contradict the INC proof text “God is not a man that He should lie.” The two passages don’t contradict each other if properly interpreted.

There are many proofs that Christ is deity. Don’t use weak arguments because those who reject Christ’s deity will only laugh at opponents who use wrong arguments. And wrong or weak arguments will only make the opposing side stick to their original ideas if what they hear are the weak or falso arguments. – E.Tanicala