North Luzon Fellowship Schedule

Here are the topics and lecturers for the 2009 North Luzon Churches of Christ Fellowship which will be held in Baguio City from April 8-10, 2009

Textual studies by

  • Felix Bravo on Matthew 5:22 & 26
  • Arnold Zambrano, Ephraim de Castro, Sam Nisperos and M. Weygan on Matt. 6:2, 5&16 in various classes;
  • Jun Patricio on Matt. 5:28 & 32
  • Roger Nonog on Matt. 5:44
  • John Quiniones, Arnan Bayla, Sam Nisperos on Matt. 6:25 & 29 in various classes.

Special topics will be discussed by

  • Ken Wilkey on the “Appointment of Elders & Deacons;”
  • Bob Buchanan on “The Doctrine of Fellowship & Disfellowship;”
  • Eusebio Tanicala on “Instrumental Music Issue.”

The authority of Christ serves as a background of the theme “But I Say This to You.”

Elders of the host Baguio Church of Christ are Alex Ciencia, Ray Locaberte and Cris Sacayanan.