New congregation launched in Bokod, Benguet; saints hold medical mission for residents

We thank the Midtown Church of Christ for sending us this wonderful report about on-going efforts to introduce the Word of God in Bokod, Benguet. This report was sent by Jun Reyes.  A slide show is also included .  Please continue to pray for the saints in that area.  Congratulations !


Hello everybody,

Last Nov. 18 & 19, 2008, Midtown COC thru Mission Outreach Ministry (M.O.M.), Body & Soul (chaired by Dr. Sam Cariaga), WBS and Bokod local members hosted a Free Medical-Dental Mission at the Bokod Barangay Plaza. 900+, almost a thousand local residents of Bokod were treated & seen during the 2 day venture.

Volunteers came as far as Butuan City thru Dr. Sam Cariaga, local health workers, SLU nursing students, WBS & Centerpoint COC, Rabon COC in the persons of Edmund & Elaine Bacani and Solomon De Vera, Doctors and Dentists from Baguio, and Midtown family members of course, who really pushed their servant hood attitude even before the birth of Bokod COC over 2 weeks ago. Special mention to Bro. Jojo & Janet Ramos, family & relatives who has truly opened a door for the Gospel to be spread there. The Velasco compound (Jojo’s ancestral home) so far has hosted the on going young church and Saturday Gospel Meetings, not to mention the free Board and Lodging venue of members and visitors all day, all night.

The two day mission at Bokod hopefully will yield more people to know the lord. Thanks to Mayor Mauricio Makay of Bokod and the local government who were very warm in letting us hold a medical mission with free lunch, two days in a row to the residents who came near and far. A first to all missions in history where the Mayor’s office helped ease the patients’ hungry stomachs during the lunch break. By the way, Bokod residents are very kind, shy and patient, literally. Never in the entire two day mission was there any grumbling or complaining exhibited by everyone from the mayor to the humblest of the residents while they were under the heat of the sun waiting for their appointments. Makes you wish more people in the world had their character.

Continue to pray for Bokod COC to continue to grow and that members both from the local and Midtown would not wane in their service to God. Enjoy watching the pictures. God Bless!

Jun Reyes

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