Youth Leadership Training held in Rabon, San Fabian

Rabon Bible College and the Rabon Church of Christ of San Fabian, Pangasinan sponsored a Youth Leadership Training which was conducted in the Monte del Rosario Resort at Rosario, La Union on October 15-17. Visiting members of the Crieve Hall congregation in Tennessee served as lecturers. Dino Roldan and Cheryl Tanicala-Roldan came took time out from work and school in Malaysia to attend this training. Tom Mapalo of Baguio also served as resource person.

In the afternoon of October 17 the young people and adults fanned out into several preaching points. One team which was led by brethren Luciano Ramos and Jonathan Ramos visited the provincial jail in Lingayen, Pangasinan. The women conducted a ladies class in Benteng, Rosario where a congregation of the Lord meets. Another group visited members in Dungon and Bangar, Rosario, La Union.


One thought on “Youth Leadership Training held in Rabon, San Fabian

  1. Bro. Junas

    I am glad that the Youth leadership Training held in Rabon, San Fabian, Pangasinan was a success, judging by the reports submitted. I have only one grievance…Mangaldan church, and the Dagupan church were never invited, despite the proximity of these areas to San Fabian. Are these congregations were singled out as uninvited congregations? It is regrettable that the only congregation in Pangasinan that have its elders and deacons are manifesting immaturity on these matters.

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