Total Depravity and Free Will

BY Eusebio Tanicala

This article presents some questions that one could reflect on when studying the doctrine of total depravity of mankind as compared to the idea of free will of individuals.

1. Did God predestine Lucifer to become Satan and that Satan did not choose nor will to become Satan?

2. Did God predestine some of the angelic hosts into damnation without these angels’ exercising free will?

3. Did God predestined Adam and Eve to disobey without them exercising free will in their decision to eat of the forbidden fruit?

4. Did God predestine a part of humanity to go into the damnation of hell without these individual’s exercise of free will?

5. In the case of Judas becoming a traitor against the Lord Jesus Christ, was it God’s predestination or was it willed by Judas himself and encouraged by Satan?

6. When a couple (husband and wife) genuinely become born-again, do all their children automatically become “totally depraved” at the point in time of conception or point in time of birth?

7. Is there a so-called period of innocence for the human soul from the point in time of conception up to early infancy?

8. At what point in time does a soul become totally depraved?

9. At what point in time does a human being become totally depraved?

10. If Adam and Eve became totally depraved and “dead” at the point in time of disobedience in eating the forbidden fruit in the garden, does it mean that an offspring of the “dead” are also “dead”?

11. Today, there are genuinely born-again “alive” couples, does it follow also that their offspring should automatically become “alive” since the parents are alive? I trust that these questions when reflected upon would help some in our understanding the will of God.