“You have your beliefs, keep yours; others have their beliefs, they keep theirs”

By Eusebio Tanicala, Ph.D.

One visitor to our website commented that millions are hell-bound so believers in Christ should band together to save those traveling the highway of death; that I have my own beliefs in the Bible which I should keep to myself and others have their own beliefs which they should keep to themselves; that I should not spend time and effort writing about other’s beliefs.

The history of the Bible does not agree with this thinking. I wished it were true, but the Bible teaches me otherwise. Our Lord Jesus Christ Himself in Matthew 15 indicted the Pharisees and scribes who were teachers of the Jews. Their interpretations and commentaries on the Law of Moses produced traditions which eventually discarded God’s commandments. In Matthew 23, Jesus commented that the Pharisees made a proselyte twice a son of Hell. When the Christ, the rock, who followed the Hebrews in the wilderness supplying them water appeared in flesh as prophesied in Isaiah 53, the Jews didn’t recognize Him because the teachers’ interpretations distorted the facts. The Jews crucified the Messiah, the Lord of glory. This wrong interpretation of Jewish teachers led the Jewish leaders to nail at the cross the Son of God.

Apostle Paul wrote to Timothy, “Meditate on these things; give yourself entirely to them, that your progress may be evident to all. Take heed to yourself and to the doctrine. Continue in them, for in doing this you will save both yourself and those who hear you.” (1 Tim. 4:15-16) The above passages simply warn us that we need to remind each other about the highway we are travelling on. There is a way that seems right but the end is a cosmic hole.

I could not remain silent when other people teach things like the following:

-Jesus Christ is man only and is not deity;
-Christ was not nailed at the cross, but died in Pakistan or Afghanistan;
-Christ wasn’t born of a virgin and didn’t resurrect from the grave;
-Jesus Christ is not the Son of God; He is a son just like any believer;
-There’s no literal hell; hell is on earth, our present life;
-True religion leads souls to hell;
-The pope of Rome is the Vicar of Christ on earth and he is always right;
-God predestined the majority of humanity to suffer in hell;
-Man does nothing for his salvation;
-Polygamy is a Christian virtue;
-Joseph Smith or Felix Manalo or Muhammad or Magliba is the last prophet;
-A preacher in Davao claims that God called him and he is now the Adopted Son of God;
-This preacher in Davao says that only him possesses the true teaching of God;
-There’s no Lord’s Supper of bread and wine.-
etc, etc, etc.

The Jewish teachers missed the mark which resulted to God cutting off the natural branch of the olive tree. Beware, we might be branches of the vine that produce no fruits.