God predestined Lucifer to become the Devil

By Eusebio Tanicala, Ph.D.

Calvinistic, individual predestination advocates believe that the Sovereign God of the Bible solely determines the eternal destiny of all creation. Calvinism, to my knowledge, dwells on the history of human kind only and takes some biblical terms giving them literal meaning when these should be given relative interpretations. In literature, some terms are used in the superlative degree for emphasis and not to be taken in their exact scientific measurements. To test the validity of some claims of Calvinism, let’s bring them beyond and outside the realm of human history.

God is eternal, ever existing. Christ in His spirit nature is eternal. He existed as a spirit person before the creation of the cosmos spoken of in Genesis 1:1. Christ created the invisible creations in the heavens “whether thrones or dominions or principalities or powers” says Colossians 1:16.

If Calvinistic predestination were granted its premise that the Sovereign LORD solely determines the eternal destiny of every creature, then it was God’s own predetermination that pushed Lucifer to rebel and become Satan. For what reason? So that there would be an artist to take the role of a villain in the cosmic stage. (Para mayroong dramatistang gaganap ng pagka-kuntrabida). Calvinism would make God as the script writer and at the same time the director of the cosmic drama: the struggle of good and evil. Calvinistic account of predestination, therefore, makes us conclude that God created Lucifer and God assigned Lucifer the role of a villain.

However, in the account of the Bible, God is angry at Satan. He curses Satan. Satan is depicted as possessing ambition to be above God, to sit above the stars. See the suggestions in Isaiah 14 and Ezekiel 28. The Bible tells us that the angels who did not keep themselves within the boundary set by God were pronounced rebels and were immediately penalized. See Jude 6. The Devil and his cohorts were thrown out of heaven.

If God predetermined that Lucifer would become Satan, and if God is the script writer and director of the great cosmic drama, it is unthinkable and illogical to make Him angry at the artists whom He had assigned their respective roles. Have we in human history known of any writer who became angry and who cursed the very characters he created and assigned roles on stage or in cinema? No. None. But Calvinism does that.

If such behavior is illogical and unnatural in the human realm, such behavior must also be illogical and unacceptable in the spiritual realm where wisdom is much higher.