Damnation in hell a gift from God?

Our friend, Mr. Nollie Malabuyo, says that a person does nothing to be saved! Nollie does nothing! God does everything for him and for every saved person. Everything is a gift from God. A person does nothing. Life is a gift of God, the ability/willingness to believe is a gift of God. Ability/willingness to repent is a gift of God. Ability/willingness to confess is a gift of God. Obeying every requirement of God in living a godly life is a gift of God. So Nollie says. Obviously there is no free will in man.

Predestination, he says, means that before the world was created, God had made a list in His mind of all the individuals whom He would give the, repentance and salvation. Whether a person likes it or not, God pushes him, God compels him, God forces him and no one could ever resist God’s will and grace.

In like manner, a person does nothing to be damned, so Nollie’s logic would lead us to believe. Predestination means that before the world was created, God had listed in His mind those who will be damned in Hell. God created Hell. If God gives the gift of belief, then in the same manner God gives the gift of unbelief. If God gives the gift of repentance, then in the same line of logic God gives also the gift of non-repentance. If God gives the gift of confession, then in the same manner God also gives the gift of lack of confession. If God gives the gift of ability/willingness to live a godly life for those who are to be saved, then it follows also that God gives the gift of ability/willingness to live an ungodly life.

If God is credited in moving and pushing a person to be saved in heaven because a person does NOTHING for his salvation, then it follows that God is credited for moving and pushing a person to be damned in HELL because a person does NOTHING for his damnation. If Heaven is a gift, it also follows that Hell is a gift. We are only following the line of reasoning of our friend. If he does not like the conclusion, then he should change his premises. He says that God predestined everybody.

None could stand God’s indignation; none could endure God’s fierce anger. God’s fury is poured out like fire. See Nahum 1:6. At the Judgment Day (See Matt. 25:41-46) Christ will pronounce the curse on those who did not love and help the poor. Who made and predestined the ability of the cursed? God made and predestined them. And God is angry at those whom he predestined to be cursed. Is it logical? You answer for yourself.

If Mr. Nollie were to pre-determine to draw an ugly painting and the ugliness is within his will and power to make it ugly and at the competition his painting is adjudged the “Ugliest Painting” and yet Mr. Nollie will rage with fierce anger and will burn his painting for being ugly, how do you judge the personality of Mr. Nollie? Perfect personality? Crazy? You answer for yourself. — Eusebio Tanicala


One thought on “Damnation in hell a gift from God?

  1. Nollie Malabuyo

    Mr. Tanicala,

    Suffice it to say that the big difference between Calvinists and Arminians is who gets the glory: God or man? God saves us, or man saves himself? Who is sovereign, God or man (with his “free will”)?

    You’re trying to solve the paradox of God’s sovereignty over good and evil and whether he is the author of sin or not, trying to figure out in a few sentences what countless sages over countless ages have asked.

    There’s so much material out there that you can read about this subject I won’t answer your comments except for your comment that man did not have to do anything to deserve eternal damnation. No, your analogy doesn’t apply; it doesn’t follow that because we don’t do anything for our salvation that we didn’t do anything to be punished. We did. Adam sinned, and all mankind was plunged into condemnation. This, in itself is beyond human logic. Why should we be condemned for Adam’s sin? But, then, why should we be saved by the work of Christ? All mankind would perish because of sin, if not for God’s mercy. Those who were elected receive mercy; those who were not receive justice.

    Your fallacious logic goes like this:

    Hell is evil.
    God created hell.
    Therefore, God is evil.

    It doesn’t work that way in Scriptures. Only human “logic” is capable of such a foolish conclusion. You could argue with everything you have against predestination, but it’s what the Bible teaches. You could argue all your life that snow is black, but it doesn’t change the truth that snow is white.

    You argue from your finite human logic and reasoning, while I argue from the infinite wisdom of God’s Word, which we’ll never fully understand in this present age (Deut 29:29).

    By the way, when I was an Arminian, I had the same “logic” and reasoning as you do now.

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