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Mr. Soriano’s Interpretation Has Changed

By Eusebio Tanicala, Ph.D.

About mid afternoon of May 16th, as I was checking up the programs in all the channels fed into our TV set by the cable system we subscribe to, I tuned in for a few minutes at Mr. Soriano’s program in Channel 59. He answered a question about the Lord’s Supper celebration.

This is the second time I hear Mr. Soriano about the Lord’s Supper subject matter on TV. He has really changed from his earlier position.

Mr. Soriano and his adherents used to completely reject a literal observance of the Lord’s Supper that uses material elements of bread and wine. The two major premises he used to affirm his earlier position are the following:

1. By using John 6:63, he insisted that the real Lord’s Supper is teaching/learning the words of Christ which give life and not taking in material elements that spoil. His Tagalog term for material bread and wine was “napapanis.” If bread and wine spoil, therefore these are not life giving elements, he insisted in the past.

2. This group used to laugh at people who celebrated the Lord’s Supper at morning time because he claimed that the term “supper” defined the time of observance which should be in the evening.

3. In the past, he merely disregarded the institution of the Lord’s Supper as described in several places in the New Testament like Matthew 26, Mark 14, Luke 24 and 1 Corinthians 11. He merely insisted on John 6:63.

But his answer this afternoon of May 16 was very clear. He now takes the position that there is a Lord’s Supper that uses the material elements of bread and wine. But it is held once a year in connection with the Passover which falls on the 14th of Abib and the celebration at evening time falls on the 15th day, he said.

Which means that Mr. Soriano has repudiated his earlier stand which said that there is no Lord’s Supper using material bread and wine.

By following the earlier explanation of the “Ang Dating Daan” group that their Lord’s Supper was teaching/listening to the words of Christ, we have told our members to ask: “If supper necessarily meant evening time, do you in the Ang Dating Daan teach/listen to Bible lessons at evening time only? Why do you teach and broadcast even at morning time?” We never got an honest answer from the group of Mr. Soriano.

By following the line of reasoning based on Mr. Soriano’s crude literalism on the meaning of supper, we have asked if they cling to literalism when they go to the grocery. When Mr. Soriano buys hotdog, does he get literal hotdogs from the freezer? Is the hotdog from the freezer in the grocery literally “hot” and literally “dog”? No honest answer came our way. We also asked about the plant/flower dama de noche. Is the dama de noche still a dama de noche at morning time? Dama means lady and noche means evening. No answer came.

I urge the brethren to press these items with the members of the group “Ang Dating Daan.”

Ask them why Mr. Soriano has changed his stand. Ask them why they now accept the presence of symbolism in the ordinance when in the past they based their reasoning on literalism.

Beware ! Mr. Soriano is capable of teaching error!! Some people say that they have heard Mr. Soriano making the claim that he is the only tele-evangelist who teaches the whole truth of the Bible. #


Seminar in San Carlos City, Pangasinan

Baguio City – “The Ancient Word for the Modern World” will be the theme of a seminar in this city, says brother Samuel Serideo, one of the evangelists that is based in this city. This will be held on June 7th with our editor, Eusebio Tanicala, as one of the resource persons.

The Continuing Appendix Debate

This writer has seen his own removed appendix that was placed in a small bottle by surgeons. So he knows what an appendix is.

In past decades, Darwinian evolutionists, on one hand, declared that the appendix is a useless organ, a vestige of the evolutionary process. It was further claimed that in the future as human species would evolve progressively this useless organ shall be discarded. On the other hand, creationists have clung to the belief that God is an intelligent designer and has a purpose for this small organ that is found in man.

Unfortunately (or fortunately) last month the internet science news section came out with the story that some medical researchers from reputable universities have confirmed that the appendix is a factory of “good flora.” One reader who reacted to our story recognizes the medical research conclusion but he goes out of the issue and talks about evolution in general as a science.

Let’s stick to the specific issue at hand. It is the human appendix. The proposition in this on going debate is “The appendix is a useless organ, a vestige of the evolutionary process.” Darwinian evolutionist and atheistic materialists have affirmed the proposition.

Since medical researchers have recently confirmed the appendix’s usefulness to the well being of the human body, the creationists have the right to claim the medical research conclusion in favor of their side. Stick to the issue. Stay with the issue on the appendix. Don’t bring out strawmen in other sections of the evolution debate. We’ll come to those issues in due time.

If Darwinian evolutionists could not refute the conclusion of the recent medical researches that declared the appendix is a factory of “good flora” it is requested that these evolutionists issue out an apology for their “scientific error.” I hope the apology is forthcoming.

Another issue where creationists are taken to task is the question that is premised on one strong argument of creationism: Intelligent Design (ID). The Darwinian evolutionist asked in the past: “If God is an intelligent designer, what then is the purpose of an organ that is prone to infection?” As a Bible student this is my answer:

According to the Bible account, before God created Adam and Eve with a soul encased in a material body, He knew that man would succumb to temptation and become a sinner and die physically as well as spiritually. (Read Eph. 1:3, 1Peter 1:2, 20). Also God teaches humans that the soul is more valuable than all the wealth that the material cosmos could give. Infection makes a man feel his physical mortality. Hence a reminder is a good thing to a person who values his soul. Granting that the appendix is the body organ that is most prone to infection, being the first reminder of one’s mortality the appendix should then be rewarded. Being the first to signal one’s mortality with the consequent judgment day give reasons for a person to prepare for one’s eternal home. Therefore, the appendix is a gold medalist. It has a purpose! It is in the intelligent design of the human body that encases the dweller, the soul. The creationist understands and appreciates this explanation.

Corollary to the Darwinian evolutionist claim that the appendix is a useless vestigial organ, the evolutionist should consider these steps: (1) please identify what’s supposed to be the nearest species from which the human species evolved from, (2) determine if these prior species have appendix, (3) confirm or deny the initial information that the less developed hominoids (chimpanzees, gibbons, apes, orangutans) have no appendix. # (Eusebio Tanicala)

VBS in San Jose City, N.E.

A week longDaily Vacation Bible School which ended May 17th was successfully conducted by the San Jose City congregation that meets along Acacia Street, at Encarnacion Subdivision. One hundred two children were in attendance. Teachers were Rebecca Braga for Bible Learning, Floren Joy Guira for Music, Margie Nell Weygan for Arts & Crafts and Juvy Nonog for Games.

Brother Lito Batoon continues to minister to this congregation in San Jose City, Nueva Ecija.

Dan Dale Drew

Dan Drew, 81, of College Station, passed away Wednesday morning at his residence. Funeral services will be held at 2 p.m. Saturday, May 17, 2008 at A&M Church of Christ in College Station with Ken Wilkey officiating. Visitation will be from 6 to 8 p.m. Friday at Memorial Funeral Chapel College Station. Interment will be in College Station Cemetery.

He was born in Abilene, Texas to Evert and Lutie Weger Drew. He graduated from Paris High School in Paris, Texas in 1944 and joined the United States Navy during WWII. In 1949, he married Flowayne Holt and in 1950 received both his Bachelors and Masters Degrees from North Texas State in Denton.

Dan worked for the Naval Ordinance Test Station in China Lake, Calif., General Dynamics, and IBM before moving his family to College Station to join the Computer Science Division at Texas A&M in 1960. He received his Doctorate Degree of Engineering from Texas A&M in 1966. He became the Director of the Computer Science Division in the School of Engineering at A&M and retired as Professor Emeritus in September 1987 and was a member of IEEE.

He was a member of the A&M Church of Christ where he served as a Bible teacher and as an Elder. He was a lay-minister, preaching at Trona Church of Christ and Benbrook Church of Christ in the early 1950’s, Central Church of Christ in Bryan in the 1960’s, and other Churches throughout the Brazos Valley.

Dan is survived by his wife, Flowayne Drew of College Station; four sons and three daughters-in-law, Daniel and Karen Drew of Houston, Philip and Shelly Drew of Vancouver, Wash., David and Melody Drew of Plano, and Stephen Drew of Plano; one daughter, Nora Drew of West Palm Beach, Fla.; thirteen grandchildren and four great-grandchildren. (Source: The Eagle)

Dan Drew and Flowayne also spent a few years in Baguio City, Philippines as missionaries and has touched the lives of many Filipinos. Our condolences to the bereaved – Editors.