Special topics to be discussed in San Fabian, Pangasinan

Elders of the Rabon congregation in San Fabian town have invited brethren Pablo Lachica and Eusebio Tanicala to discuss on February 9th the following topics:

  1. Bountiful Giving
  2. The Celebration and Symbolism of the Lord’s Supper
  3. Overcoming the Objections of the “Ang Dating Daan” about the weekly Lord’s Supper
  4. Explanation of the use of mini cups in the Lord’s Supper

Church leaders and preachers are invited to attend.

One Comment to “Special topics to be discussed in San Fabian, Pangasinan”

  1. Would be happy if you could post your outline/discussion in this blog about the #3 topic: “…Ang dating daan…..”

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