Does the Holy Spirit in Person Help the Christian Today? (Series #3)

by Eusebio Tanicala, Ph.D.

(Editor’s Note: I appeal to brethren that we should make this study on the Holy Spirit’s work of urging, nudging, encouraging, influencing and guiding the Christian today as a team effort. Matagal nang sinaliksik ng mga kasamahan natin sa America, pero madilim pa rin ang ating pagkaintindi. Subukan natin ang kakayahan ng Pinoy. Let’s picture this as a launching into the deep, wide blue sea of theological thoughts. As a team, let’s open our hearts and minds, work together, compare notes, exchange ideas, show weaknesses and errors in reasoning, recognized strong arguments. We are like fishermen hunting for fish in the corals and possibly pearls in the giant clamps embedded in the sandy sea bottom. Let’s not quarrel. Let’s not choke each other. Let’s love and help one another).

There are those who believe that the Holy Spirit is completely immanent and is therefore perched in the heavens beyond the blue skies up above. These brethren believe that the Holy Spirit has revealed the Bible and is now in its printed form when read and its oral form when explained that the Holy Spirit may affect, influence, or guide the Christian today in the 21st century. It is claimed by these advocates that no other source of help is available outside the language of the Bible. Neither is help available from the person of the Holy Spirit.

In this Series #3, I would like to ask a few questions and I desire honest answers:

  • Suppose I want to earn 12 units of advanced astronomy so that I could appreciate and explain better the complex adornment of the heavens which was made by the Holy Spirit as testified to by the Job 26:13. I know that this advanced learning Astronomy in 12 units is a good work. Could anyone please tell me the Bible books and chapters and verses that would explain to me in mathematical details about the Supernovas, Black Holes, Pulsars, Dying Stars, Planetary Systems aside from the Solar System, the Kuiper Belt?

Please email me your answer.

  • Job 26:13 says that the Holy Spirit has adorned the heavens; Psalm 19:1-4 (the H.S. is included in the Godhead) says that the material cosmos declares the glory of God making voluminous unwritten/inaudible testimonies of God’s wondrous architectural and engineering abilities; Romans 1:19-21 declares that the material cosmos provides sufficient information in the formulation of a reasonable belief in God’s existence and a reasonable theological foundation so as to avoid idolatry. Could anyone deny the clear positive declarations of the the three above passages that the material cosmos which are the Holy Spirit’s work could provide knowledge about God apart from the written/oral word as contained in my New King James Version?

Please email me your answer.


One thought on “Does the Holy Spirit in Person Help the Christian Today? (Series #3)

  1. Freddie

    Bro. Sebio,

    Here’s my honest response to your challenge. I hope I got your point.

    When I had the chance to intensify my study of the Holy Scripture at the Philippine Bible College in early 1980″s, I was immersed with the logical reasoning of God’s existence through the cosmos. The intricate and magnanimous design of the cosmos as I had the chance to study in astrology and earth science in BCF re-enforced my belief of the veracity of the Bible as inspired.

    In my experience with other literature, there are instances that apart from the belief of the Bible, a person may develop a kind belief on God’s existence. Like for example, the tribal groups in the hinterlands believed in a God without first knowing the proof in the Bible.

    I am sure that God in some ways declares his presence in the consciousness of man apart of the Biblical knowledge.


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