Lecture Series at the Rabon Bible College

Rabon Bible College in Pangasinan, in cooperation with Philippine Bible College Alumni Association, sponsors a series of lectures on church issues to acquaint the younger generation with what happened in the past decades but these still linger among Philippine churches. The first of this series was conducted on Dec. 15 at the Rabon chapel in San Fabian town.

Brother Eusebio Tanicala presented the biblical basis of preaching schools/Bible Colleges as educational or training programs of congregations. In conjunction with Bible Colleges, the biblical basis of inter-congregational cooperation was also discussed. On the other hand, brother Jovencio Gundayao started his series on the person and gifts/influences of the Holy Spirit on Christians today. Brother Gundayao takes the position that aside from the influence through the Bible as processed by the mind, the Holy Spirit may also influence/nudge Christians. The second session will be on January 5 in the same venue.