Does the Holy Spirit Personally Help a Christian in the 21st Century? (Series #1)

by Eusebio Tanicala, Ph.D.

Members of the Churches of Christ believe that the Holy Spirit is a person, the third person in the Trinity. The question in this series is “Does the Holy Spirit directly or in person work,help, urge, nudge, influence, encourage, guide a Christian today?

It is an accepted issue that the Holy Spirit helps, urges, nudges, encourages, guides a Christian today through the Bible, through the word. But this writer denies that the Holy Spirit always and only work through the Bible in helping, urging, nudging, encouraging, guiding a Christian. “Thro the word only” means that a Christian has to always read/hear the Bible, then process the information in his mind (brain) and what is shifted and accepted becomes his conviction and persuasion. This position of “thro the word only” is too limited. .

The “thro the word only” is like the idea that Karl Marx or Jose Rizal could influence the 21st century man through their literary works only that are read or propagandized by ideologists. Their spiritual persons could not transmit any message or nudging to the minds and hearts of communists and Rizalists. Do you believe that the Holy Spirit is in the heavens, but He is as limited as the spirit of Karl Marx or the soul of Rizal?

This series of short articles shall endeavor to prove the reasonableness of the the position that aside from the Bible (the word), the Holy Spirit may choose to help, urge, nudge, encourage,influence, guide a Christian in a direct or personal way. We shall go step by step in this exploration.


In my booklet, “19 Steps Towards a Better Understanding of the Humanity and Deity of Christ” the comparative chart showing what the Devil did and what Christ did opens the eyes of many Bible students about the deity of Christ. When this comparative method is applied in the present series, eyes will also be opened.

We ask questions.

  1. When the Devil roars and prowls and devours people (1Pet.5:8), may he do it personally, or does he accomplish the act only and always through satanic prose and poetry? ____ On the other hand, when the Holy Spirit works, helps, urges, nudges, encourages, influences, guides a Christian, may He do it directly/personally if He chooses to? ___
  2. When the Devil tempts a Christian by working on the libidinal or instinctive sexual, lustful desires (1 John 2:16; Gal. 5:19; Romans 7:14-25), may the Devil do the influencing directly or personally, or does he do the work through written/oral satanic prose and poetry always and only?___ On the other hand, when the Holy Spirit helps a Christian in controlling the lustful libido and encourages its legal expression within marriage, may He do the infuencing directly or personally (Rom. 1:24-27;2:12-16), or does He work through the written/oral Bible only? ___
  3. Satan in his work of influencing atheists to believe in evolution as an explanation of the universe, does he do the work through satanic prose and poetry only and always? ____ On the other hand, the Holy Spirit garnished the heavens and God created the cosmos (Job 26:13; Romans 1:20), may the Holy Spirit use the material universe to persuade men to believe in God even without the written/oral Bible? _____
  4. Ephesians 6:12; Mark 5:1-20 speak of wrestling with principalities and powers and rulers of the kingdom of darkness, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in heavenly places, are these characters mentioned personalities that influence people or are these items listed mere philosophical ideas contained in prose and poetry only? ____ On the other hand, if Christians consider Eph. 6:12 & Mark 5:1-20 as pointing to spiritual personalities becoming victorious and the Holy Spirit is displaced in the Christian’s heart, the Holy Spirit is grieved (Eph. 4:30), is the Holy Spirit that is made sad a person or is the Bible the one grieved? ___
  5. When a Christian resists the Devil (1 Peter 5:9), is he resisting a personal Devil or does he resist a message or an idea from the Bible? ____
  6. When the guardian angel (Matt. 18:10) works, or angels are sent by God (Heb. 1:14; 13:1-2) to minister to the saved, or visit a Christian, are these personalities working in person as messengers of the Holy Spirit? ____

Seriously reflect on the above questions. Answer them.

(To be continued)