Leonardo Salta laid to rest

Brother Leonardo Salta has gone to his eternal rest after serving the Master for more than thirty five years in the province of Pampanga.

Leonardo was in the third grade when he saw the Japanese Imperial Army bombers rained fire on Clark Field in Angeles-Dau, Pampanga. He didn’t understand why his teacher in the classroom cried upon seeing the airplanes and hearing the bombs that exploded.

He was an active Bible study teacher in the Roman Catholic church before his real conversion to Christ based on the Bible happened. When his neighbor in Anao went home for vacation and upon learning that his neighbor has converted to a non Roman Catholic group, he went for a visit. Their conversation led to a study of the Bible. Brother Leonardo was pleased to know that what he read from his Bible are being practiced in the group his neighbor belongs to. More study sessions followed and in the first quarter of 1972 Leonardo and his friends in Anao, Mexico were baptized at the beach in Olongapo City. That same year, he and some younger members of the new congregation in Anao enrolled at the Philippine Bible College branch in Angeles City which was directed by our editor, Eusebio Tanicala.Brother Lleonardo was able to earn his associate in theology.

Brother Leonardo strengthened the congregation in Anao, Mexico and then moved his family to San Fernando City, the capital of Pampanga. Here in this city, he ministered to the community and nearby towns. Through his leadership and patience, together with the brethren in San Fernando, a lot and a building were purchased for the church at San Isidro Village.

He died on Nov. 25th in San Fernando City and his remains were buried in his beloved birthplace of Anao, Mexico, Pampanga on the 28th. (Eusebio Tanicala)