Southern Mindanao Bible College holds talk on Islam and Christianity

Twenty seven are currently enrolled at the Southern Mindanao Bible College in Kisante, Makilala, Cotabato.  The downtown congregation in Kabacan directs the school. Families and local congregations in the area provide for the food of the students.

Brother Eusebio Tanicala visited the school on Nov. 7-8 and shared with the students a bird’s eye view of Islam. He especially noted that the person, nature and work of Jesus Christ show the big contrast between Christianity on one hand and Islam on the other hand. Christianity believes in the deity of Christ, that He is the Son of God, that he is a mediator and savior, that He died at the cross  as a propitiation for the sins of the world, that He was buried in a tomb, that He resurrected on the third day.  These are denied by Islam. Islam says that Jesus the Christ is one among the 25 notable prophets in its list.

Cotabato province has a Muslim population of no less than a third of the whole. Thus, these current students will likely interact with some Muslim friends, hence the need to have some ideas to talk about. — (E.Tanicala)