Big attendance in forum noted

According to the registry book, a total of 101 attended the PBC Alumni sponsored forum on “Understanding Islam ” which was held at the Bible college Library in Baguio.

Many more just walked in to the forum sessions on October 24-25. PBC alumni and church leaders were in attendance.

The lecturers were Antonio Balagot who gave his observations and impressions culled from his first hand experiences living in communities with Muslim populations, and working with Muslim friends. He also showed some lines from the Qur’an which he owns that was given to him by a Muslim friend.

Santiago Sameon II gave a summary of Muhammad’s life and how Islam started in Saudi Arabia in the 7th century of the Christian Era.

Eusebio Tanicala, our co-editor, gave a lesson on a comparison and contrast of Christianity and Islam. Items submitted are substantiated with Surah passages.

The lessons given by brethren Sameon and Tanicala is featured in this blog.