New congregation established in Tubao, La Union

A new congregation of Christians was established by two Philippine Bible College graduates at Gonzales, Tubao, La Union, Philippines. The members were mainly from Pongpong Church Of Christ. Pongpong, Sto. Tomas is quite a distance to Gonzalez, Tubao. The Eldership of Pongpong considers the establishment of another church as growth.

Freddie L. Villanueva from Tubao, La Union and Ruben Mendoza from Sison, Pangasinan thought of having worship services at Tubao, La Union.  Freddie was at that time a Deacon of Pongpong Church. He said that more people could attend worship services in Tubao if services were held there because some members consider the distance to Pongpong as
hindrance. Ruben offered his services to start the services on Sundays.

The new congregation rents a space near a public school for P500.00 a week. Fellowship lunch is held every after service on Sundays. The bulk of the members of the chuch in Tubao is Freddie’s family (wife and two children) Freddie’s Marivic and family and Salvacion and family and the parents of Freddie who were early members of the Pongpong Church.

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One thought on “New congregation established in Tubao, La Union

  1. mountainviewcoc

    A group of Christians motivated by their love for God, two preachers motivated by their love to serve–this is the tried and tested pattern of starting a congregation. That happened in Tubao, La Union. It could happen anywhere. The place does not matter, whether it be in the hellish hole of a city, or in an uncivilized area of the mountain. When there is the need to win back to God a people whose hearts are ready to hear the gospel, God provides the opportunity in His own time. That was how Pongpong church was started; that was how Mountain View church was begun. Their story, and ours as well, can be duplicated anytime, anywhere, as long as the love for the unsaved remains in the heart. We salute you guys!

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