Ed Maquiling holds discussion with sectarian preacher

Recently brother Edgardo Maquiling of Cebu City conducted a discussion with a “charismatic” preacher who denies the importance of water baptism. You may find a summary of the the arguments by visiting the following blogs:
(1) http://www.lcg.org/beliefs.shtml (2) http://sectsandcults.blogspot.com


One thought on “Ed Maquiling holds discussion with sectarian preacher

  1. Ed Maquiling

    It is as if brother Paul Lachica and I have found new toys and don’t want to part away with them! We have discovered the excitement and the joys of working through the Net, creating blogs, making posts, improving their looks, linking sites. For example, look at his blog, http://churchinthevalley.wordpress.com. It has evolved to something much better-looking now!

    My discussion notes with a “no water baptism” preacher, by the way, are found in both http://mountainviewcoc.wordpress.com, and http://biblefeast.wordpress.com. The latter is the latest addition.
    Go to the index on the left side of the blogs, look for SECTS AND CULTS, and click Calvary Open Hearts Fellowship.

    Technology not keeps us closer, it has also improved the way we communicate ideas. And thanks to kabsat Sebio for starting it all. Kudos!

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