Appendix upholds Creationism

For many decades, evolutionists sneered at the Bible and the creation theory of the universe. One small thing that atheists have laughed at is the appendix, a small  extension sack-like organ of the intestine. Some biologists said that the appendix is a vestige of evolution that soon would be discarded because it is useless.

Medical people, however, have not observed any change in the past several hundred years since the appendix has been identified. Which means that there’s no human behavior that discards the appendix from the human system.

But now scientists agree that there’s an important use of the appendix according to a science/medical article in the CNN website. It told about the appendix: “It produces and protects good germs for your gut. That’s the theory from surgeons and immunologists at the Duke University Medical School.”  The article further stated that when gastro-intestinal disorder happens and the intestines discharge good bacteria  “the appendix’s job is to reboot the digestive system in that case.”  The study in the medical school tells us that the appendix is a “bacteria factory, cultivating the good germs” that is needed by the human body to make itself healthy.

So the Bible remains correct when it says that God made human beings in a wonderful way.


2 thoughts on “Appendix upholds Creationism

  1. John Paullin

    While the appendix may help produce gut flora, it is not a necessary part of the human body. The fact that it is prone to serious infection and that people who have it removed are seemingly perfectly healthy afterwards suggests that the appendix is a poorly “designed” organ, if you choose to believe that God made human beings in a “good” way. Also, you obviously have a poor understanding of evolution if you believe that major evolutionary changes occur in a few hundred years. Take the time to fully understand how complicated evolution and natural selection are before you post ignorant responses trying to justify the mythology that is creationism.

    Please stop dumbing down America.

    John Paullin

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