Web Log for a local church – come and visit

A new blog has been launched by the Ponpong Church of Christ. Click the link and connect with the saints here: Church in the Valley.


3 thoughts on “Web Log for a local church – come and visit

  1. Ed Maquiling

    Paul mentions many names of Christians who in more ways than one had contributed to the establishment and growth of the Church of Christ in the Valley, Pongpong, Sto. Tomas, LU – the Bejagons, Miro Annague, the Dulays, the Lachicas, the Mercados, the Panergos, the Doctoleros, KJ Wilkey, Bob Buchanan, and many others. (I think I am suffering from short memory syndrome because I cannot remember all, sorry). The good Lord in His infinite mercy had caused the gospel to be preached in that area of Pongpong through an accident of history- a certain Jesus Bejagon was there to visit his wife, not knowing that such a visit would be used by God to have His church established in that remote area of La Union (it is not remote anymore, because highways and feeder roads connect to it now). Annague I remember, though I was quite close to his son David (whose jokes still evoke laughter in my ears). But Jesus Bejagon I never had opportunity to meet. I just heard this name when I went to Leyte (in fact, I had gone to the very place where he grew up, where he at one time ministered). God bless these people, still living and working to promote His kingdom, and may He bless too the memories of those who had contributed to the Pongpong mission though they are now gone. May your tribe increase!

  2. Pablo M. Lachica

    Dear Brethren,

    I have created a blog site for the Pongpong Church of Christ at http://pablolachica.spaces.live.com. You can cut the address and paste it to your internet explorer page. If you only click the address you will be asked to log in as pmlachica@hotmail.com. I have already corrected this by creating a permanent blog site of the church at http://churchinthevalley.blogspot.com. We have new posted materials there and we hope to update you with some more.

    I have created a link with this now famous site of the Word Ministry. I interlinked our site with others that we know of. We hope that we can interchange ideas and materials for the work of the Lord.

    Thank you so much Manong Sebio & the Staff of Word Ministry.


  3. Pablo M. Lachica

    When I was surfing the internet for more tools to spread the word, I came accross the WordPress services. I noticed that this site of Bro. Sebio uses the WordPress server. I tried to create another blog site and it looks more presentable than that of the Blog Spot because you can have separate pages for the articles posted. This is the reason why I created http://churchinthevalley.wordpress.com.
    Please do visit this page where you can find posted Bible Lessons in Word format and in Power Point presentation. Interlinks of blogsites of christians can be very effective way of spreading encouring news to the brotherhood entire the world. Let us use the IT to effective update our method of reaching out to more people. We offer our little knowledge to churches who may want to have their site too.

    Visit the other links listed in these blogsites.


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