New Bible Translation now available

We received an email message from bro. Tommy Mapalo informing us that there is a new translation of the Great Book. According to bro. Tommy four of the seven translators are members of the Church – Lewis, McCord ,Woods and Hadwin.

He sent this:


International Bible Translators, Inc. is located principally in New England . It has been established since 1975 and is comprised of a small body of scholars who specialize in theoretical linguistics, cultural anthropology, biblical Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek, lexicography, computer programming, exotic typography, and field testing (psycholinguistics).



The Chairman of the Translation Committee of The Plain English Bible is Dr. Stanley L. Morris. He served as an editor in the Translation Department of the American Bible Society from 1968 to 1972 under the world- famous linguist, Dr. Eugene A. Nida.



While in New York City , Dr. Morris was also privileged to work directly with renowned New Testament scholar, Dr. Bruce M. Metzger of Princeton University .



Dr. Morris is a 63-year-old scholar who has dedicated his entire life to translating the Bible. This particular project has taken more than 22 years to complete. He is qualified in New Testament Greek, Old Testament Hebrew and Aramaic, Biblical theology, theoreticallinguistics, cultural anthropology, and typography. He was also one of the first to pioneer in the field of Bible software.



Listed below are the scholarly members of the Bible Translation Committee:

  • F. W. Gingrich, Ph.D. (a renown Greek lexicographer)
  • Jack P. Lewis, Ph.D.; Ph.D.
  • Hugo McCord, Th.D.
  • Clyde M. Woods, Ph.D.
  • S. T. Kang, Ph.D (a world class expert on Sumerian)
  • Gary T. Burke, Ph.D.
  • Milo Hadwin, D.Min.


Book Description

The Great Book is a fresh, new translation of the Word of God. It reads so smoothly that it doesn’t even seem to be a translation, though it is painstakingly accurate according to the best Greek manuscripts. The true meaning that God intended comes through loud and clear—in plain English!



Because The Great Book communicates so well, it can be used effectively in many ways:

* For teaching kids of all ages, especially teenagers.
* For teaching English to non-native speakers.
* For those who have never read the Bible before.
* For prison ministries.
* For evangelistic outreaches in America .
* For missionary distribution programs around the world.



The Great Book is written at a 5th grade reading level in order to reach the greatest number of people in the world. The original Greek New Testament was Koine (common) Greek. Let’s face it, we could all use a little help with the most difficult New Testament books such as Romans, Galatians, Hebrews, and Revelation!


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  1. Ed Maquiling

    Heard of that translation too. One minor correction. Milo Hadwin is also a member of the church. That makes four. Hadwin, says Mission Printing, is “one of the first missionaries from our brotherhood to Caribbean island of Jamaica.” I have two of his books.

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