Pangasinan fellowship a success

The 50th Pangasinan-speaking churches of Christ Fellowship and Seminar recently held at the Mangaldan church of Christ chapel was a resounding success, this despite the bad weather that was encountered last September 29, 2007. Close to five hundred in attendance including the brethren from La Union and other neighboring provinces, feasted on God’s Word ably expounded by Brothers John Quiniones Sr., David Quidem and Arnold Zambrano. Attendees were likewise treated with roasted pigs, aside from the ordinary servings, as the occasion was the 50th celebration.

More than the festive atmosphere, the occasion afforded the needed fellowship among the Pangasinan-speaking churches as problems relating to congregational cooperation and province wide problems were discussed, though, due to time constraints not all the questions and resolutions were amply threshed out. It was agreed by the assembly that the next fellowship and seminar will be held at Oligan church of Christ chapel at Barangay Oligan, Pozorubio, Pangasinan this coming December. (Junas T. Sagurit)


2 thoughts on “Pangasinan fellowship a success

  1. Pablo M. Lachica

    Bro. Junas,

    I agree with you that the last Pangasinan Speaking Churches Fellowship is a success. The attendees surpassed the numbers of attendees in Regional Fellowship. We need more gatherings like the one you hosted. The Pongpong Church is glad to have contributed to the affair’s success. Young members of our congregation look forward to future fellowship. We will see you in Pozzorubio in December.

    Please make representations with the next host about security matters. One of the tricycles used during the Mangaldan affair was divested of its cargo.

    Pablo M. Lachica

  2. DouglasLeCroy

    The more I read of various comments in the Word Mnistry sections, I read favorable comments about the work of men like John Quinones and Emilio Panday, leaders in the work in Pangasinan. They have been faithfully serving for many years, and I am glad to say that I have known them. Pablo Lachica speaks highly of them and that’s enough for me. There is a group of Biblically sound leaders down in Pangasinan that lets me know that the church is on a solid path of growth. I hear of the same good news from over the mountains in Nueva Vizcaya where men like Rogelio Barroga, Daton Palitayan and a number of others are reaching further out into the darkness and snatching souls away from Satan. Keep it up, men.

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