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Iloco New Testament soon to be on CD

By March of year 2008, the Iloco New Testament of the “Baro Naimbag a Damag Biblia” will be in CD form. Recording work was done in the months of September and October at the Philippine Bible Society cottage in Baguio City with an Indian couple (Mr/Mrs David Yalla) as technicians.

This project is undertaken by a group called “Faith Comes By Hearing” and is supported by the Philippine Bible Society and a U.S. group called “Hosanna.”

Helping as listener and editor is our very own Eusebio Tanicala. While recording is done brother Tanicala listens to the pronunciation, accentuation and phrasing. Also watches for omissions. After a book is recorded, he sits down with the technicians and listen/review a whole book.

New Testament lines assigned to Jesus Christ, various apostles, disciples, angels, women, prophets, Voice from heaven, narrators were read by preachers and Bible believers from various religious groups.

When this will be available, it will be announced in this website.


Tarlac congregations to host 2008 fellowship

Tarlac province congregational leaders have agreed to take over the hosting of the Panagkakadua ’08 (Fellowship 2008) from the Mangaldan, Pangasinan congregation. This annual fellowship of congregations in northwestern Luzon will be held in Sapang, Moncada, Tarlac during the so-called holy week in the year 2008. — Bernardo Panergo

Gospel meeting in Ilocos Sur

A three night series of gospel lessons will be presented at San Emilio town in Ilocos Sur. At day time, church leaders will hold classes on Christian doctrines and how to teach Bible classes. To speak in the gospel meeting and teach the classes are Dick Baguioen and Eusebio Tanicala. — Leon Lais

Southern Mindanao PBC Alumni Chapter reunion

PBC Alumni–Southern Mindanao Chapter plans to hold a reunion in Makilala, Cotabato on Nov. 7-8. There are about forty alumni and former students of PBC living in the area. Brother Eusebio Tanicala will be the special guest and will also lecture on the topic “Copngregational Local Autonomy.” Gabriel Valdez, minister to the Kabacan downtown congregation is the president of the chapter and he coordinates this year’s affair.(Gabriel Valdez)



This lesson is presented with the hope that PBC Alumni and Church Leaders will gain much understanding about Islam and Muslims. And with enlightenment on our side, we shall be able to talk and deal with Muslim friends in an enlightened manner.

Several years ago, a PBC alumnus complained to me that he didn’t know what to talk about when his Muslim neighbor insisted that Islam is the correct religion and Christianity is not.

A second member of the church asked me what she should bring out if and when a Muslim friend would want to compare Islam with Christianity. These two brethren made me start buying books so I could have more information about Islam.

A third factor that pushed me to make a serious study of Islam is the reality that the New Testament region of Syria and Asia Minor where the Apostle Paul labored and is romanticized in the Book of Acts have been lost to the Orthodox Church/Roman Church as a small minority and is dominated by Islam. Syria is about 90% Islam while Turkey which was Asia Minor is about 95% Islam. Continue reading