New sites

Brother Maquiling has created several blogs where he puts in his reflections in life, sermon outlines and other instructional materials:


One thought on “New sites

  1. Ed Maquiling

    Brother Seb,

    Am amazed at the wonders you are creating in this site of yours. Very amazing indeed! Keep it up. There is something more in that head of yours, ideas, principles, that may have taken so late to bloom.

    Am not ashamed of saying that. I too am a late bloomer. Learned to bike at 37, to motorcyle at 47, studied Greek at age 52, learned computers at 54, and blogging at 61. I will keep it up probably till my dying day.

    Am launching a new career on the net. See my ideas, visit, and on the search engine, type either lordhuntingdon, or mountainviewcoc.
    They will give you a list of what I have just written.



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