Baguio City Forum Focuses on Islam

“Understanding Islam and Muslims” is the theme of a forum for Philippine Bible College Alumni and Church leaders. This will be held at the library of the Bible College.

Brother Tony Balagot of Makilala, Cotabato will tackle topics like “Understanding the Upsurge of Islamic Fundamentalism,”  “Muslims’ Impression of American and European Modern Civilization,”  and “How to Reach Out to Muslims Friends and Muslim Communities.”

Brother Santiago Sameon II will take up the biography of Muhammad, the founder of Islam. Brother Eusebio Tanicala  submits a comparison and contrast of Christianity and Islam.

Food fee is Php40/meal but the PBCAA officers will shoulder half of this amount. PBC Alumni and church leaders are encouraged to attend this fourm.


One thought on “Baguio City Forum Focuses on Islam

  1. Wilson Arago

    I highly recommend to all our brotherhood to attend this forum. It’s well worth studying and to be aware their main objective and intentions. Why are they now spreading throughout the mainland

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