Ang Dating Daan Changes Position on Lord’s Supper Interpretation

It looks like “Ang Dating Daan” (ADD) and its speaker Eleazar Soriano have softened their stand about the Lord’s Supper or Banal na Hapunan. Their original position was to put up John 6:63 and cancel all other verses relative to the Lord’s Supper like Mat. 26:26-30; Mark 14:22-26; Luke 214-23 and 1 Cor. 11:23-29. Their original position was that the preaching/teaching of Christ’s doctrines is the Lord’s Supper, the breaking of bread. But Acts 20:7 which was done several years after the death of Christ was breaking of a material bread; and 1 Cor. 11:23-29 which was written 23 years after the death of Christ was a literal breaking of bread and drinking of the cup. Not preaching or teaching doctrines.

And if the original stand of the ADD were correct, the Lord’s Supper or teaching or preaching of the words of Christ should be done at supper time only. Soriano claims that the mention of “supper” necessitates that the action should always be at evening time. But he says that the “Lord’s Supper” is the act of teaching of Christ’s doctrines. To follow his line of argument, he and the ADD should preach/ teach at evening times only. But his radio and TV programs are not always in the evening. So he sneers at himself. He destroys his own position.

On the fourth Sunday of August this year, if my memory fails me not, I surfed up and down the channel selector of my TV set. I tried all channels fed via the Mountainview Communications in Baguio and I spent several minutes on the broadcast of Soriano. One lady asked the question: “Ano ba ang masasabi nyo ukol sa Lord’s Supper o Banal na Hapunan na nababasa sa Biblia?”

Soriano responded by saying something like this: “Ginawa yaon na may koneksion sa Passover Supper. Ang Passover Supper ay sa 14 ng buwan ng Abib. Oo nandiyan yon. Pero ginagawa ito minsan lamang sa isang taon.”

The way I understood those words that came out of Soriano’s lips was that he now believes in the celebration of the Lord’s Supper with the material elements of bread and wine. Whereas, in earlier times, he sneered at the use of material elements of bread and wine which he termed as napapanis at walang kabuluhan.What was important was Christ’s words.

I’d like to ask brethren who come in contact with “Ang Dating Daan” people to check up if they now celebrate the Lord’s Supper once a year. Check up when they started to use material bread and wine. Ask them why Soriano and his fellow teachers of the ADD changed their position. (Eusebio A. Tanicala)


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  1. mhike

    To the Writer of this article.

    It is your right to show up and express your opinion about Bro. Eli Sorinano, but in this case, I think, before you conclude on what Bro. Eli Soriano’s teachings, you can ask him directly about your concerns through His own Blog. wishing you to extend your research and to find out more references to prove about this topic if Bro. Eli Soriano is telling the truth or not.

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