by Rogelio Barroga, Sr. and Eusebio Tanicala

The late brother Gervacio Sison, contacted and initially taught through a radio program aired in Cauayan, Isabela became the first convert in this city in 1970. During the first worslhip service in 1970, only four people were present. Two months later there were eight in the group.

Rogelio Barroga, evanelist and his wife Surlita, volunteered to work in Santiago moving from Pangasinan in 1970.

In 1976 a church lot was purchased. A modest chapel was built in 1979. By this time membership increased to 45.

Key families that wee added to the congregation which gave the Santiago City group stable leadership starting in the middle of the 1980s are the Danilo Quibral family and the Matias Balcita family. By 1990 membership went up to 80. This year of 1990 saw the appointment of elders (Danilo Quibral, Matias Balcita and Rogelio Barroga). Deacons were Pacifico Bartido, Juanito Castillo, Juanito Gasuga and Orvin Arago.

A second floor of the church building was planned in 1990. Today the second level of the chapel has become functional.

As of August 2007, the elders are Danilo Quibral, Matias Balcita and Rogelio Barroga, Sr. The deacons are Juanito Casuga, Juanito Castillo. Perlito Palac, Diosdado Somera, Peter Baliwang, Roberto Barroga and Roland Javonillo.

The young evangelists of the congregation are Jessie Palac, Joel Somera, Nathaniel Somera, Robert Nachuman and Arnold Vera Cruz.

Works and ministries of the congregation are the following: Administration, Budget & Finance, Church Properties, Praise & Worship, Audit & Inventory, Visitation & Counseling, Membership & Communcation, Outreach & MIssions.

Evangelism and outreach methods include the following: Series of lesson in Home Bible Studies, Personal Evangelism, World Bible School lessons, Sunday School, Pulpit Preaching, and Leadership Training by Extension.

The Santiago City congregation through brother Rogelio and other church leaders, outreach programs were accomplished. They were involved in the establishinment or nurture of churches in the towns of Ramon, Ilagan, San Agustin, Angngadanan, Alfonso Lista, Diffun, and Saguday. A new congregation has been planted in Rosario District of the city and the church leaders help conduct services in the afternoon.

In spite of the many problems and trials encountered through the years, evangelist Rogelio Barroga and the church leadership remained steadfast through the help of the Almighty God.



  1. Wilson Arago

    How can I ever forget the first time we met, looking for me and to set up a home Bible Study with me. The first worship I attended in one small room of his home. 5 of us were worshipping on that particular Sunday. Brother Rogelio and his wife Lita and Brother Sison and his wife and myself. I can still remember when you baptised me on 25th July 1970, when you convinced me to go to the Philippine Bible College and said to you that you would wait for my friend Bert Saturno to come home for his vacation and ask him to come with me to the PBC. On January 1971 both of us attended the PBC. On our first field work we were involved in we spent our time in Santiago to help the work there. The congregation there grew and we helped in constructing their building. So as your encouragement to me I hold to you the faith that you entrusted to me until the opportunity comes. (2 Tim 2:2) I am now reside in this foreign land with my wife and children permanently. But our thoughts and goals to help the Philippines continues. We are involved in the work in Hinunangan, Southern Leyte which we helped to establish. We try our very best to help the 2 preachers there. How can I ever forget the gospel of Christ you preached to me still there and stored in the deepest chamber of my heart. Manong Rogelio thank you so much and may the Lord Almighty richly bless you and your whole clan.

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